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Reproduction Abstracts
Reproduction Abstracts provides searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on reproductive biology and medicine. It is also a permanent, citable record, freely available to all without access restrictions.

Mathematical models of sow reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Control of Pig Reproduction

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Ruminant reproduction: recent findings and future challenges, a summary

Mapping quantitative trait loci for reproduction in pigs

Reproduction Abstracts is an online publication (ISSN 2052-1472) providing a permanent, citable record of abstracts of presentations at key conferences on reproductive biology and medicine.

Seasonality of reproduction in gilts and sows

The challenges and progress in the management of reproduction in yaks

Stress, cortisol and reproduction in female pigs

Stress and reproduction in farm animals

Odorant receptors and reproduction

Mechanisms mediating the stimulatory effects of the boar on gilt reproduction

Involvement of thyroid hormones in seasonal reproduction

Unique strategies to control reproduction in camels

Human reproduction and health: an evolutionary perspective

Kisspeptin is the peptide linking metabolism and reproduction

Applying nutrition and physiology to improve reproduction in dairy cattle

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Mechanisms linking nutrition and reproduction in postpartum cows

The versatile tanycyte: a hypothalamic integrator of reproduction and energy metabolism

Genomics-based selection for reproduction and adaptation in pigs

Current knowledge and future challenges in camelid reproduction

Applying functional genomics research to the study of pig reproduction

Melatonin binding sites and their role in seasonal reproduction

Control of seasonal reproduction in sheep and goats by light and hormones

Dietary fat and reproduction in the post partum sow

Molecular and endocrine mechanism of seasonal reproduction in birds and mammals

Reproduction in water buffalo: comparative aspects and implications for management

NECTAR: network for environmental chemical toxicants affecting reproduction

Role of melatonin and circadian rhythms in seasonal reproduction in rams

Reproduction in female South American domestic camelids

Nutritional influences on reproduction in mature male sheep and goats

Integrating hypothalamic regulation of energy homeostasis and reproduction

Novel Insights into the Regulation of Reproduction Using 3D-Imaging in Transparent Fetuses and Postnatal Animals

The role of kisspeptin and gonadotropin inhibitory hormone (GnIH) in the seasonality of reproduction in sheep

Using basic approaches to address applied problems in dairy reproduction

Genetic improvement in cattle—are we sacrificing reproduction in favor of production?

Transsynaptic connections between the hypothalamus and adipose tissue: relationship to reproduction

The functional role of matrix-degrading proteinases and their inhibitors in the female reproduction system

How does embryo manipulationfit into present and future pig reproduction?

Role of male–female interaction in regulating reproduction in sheep and goats

The main challenges facing camel reproduction research in the 21st century

Androgens in female pig reproduction: actions mediated by the androgen receptor

Reproduction as the pivot for adaptability of the next generation(s), and its health consequences

Impact of thyroid status and thyroid autoimmunity on assisted reproduction technology outcome

Role of the Metabotropic mGlu5 Glutamate Receptor in the Initiation of Puberty and Reproduction in Female Mice

PCSK9 and Lp(a) Levels of Children Born after Assisted Reproduction Technologies

Assisted reproduction in Mediterranean wild ruminants: lessons from the Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica)

Nutrition and Reproduction

Micronutrients and Reproduction

Creating new knowledge for ruminant reproduction from rapidly expanding and evolving scientific databases

Concentration levels of TSH evaluation with species-specific MABs due to the dog reproduction disorders assessment in the course of hypothyroidism

Questionnaire Surveys Targeting Japanese Pediatric Endocrinologists Regarding Reproduction in Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Patients

EGFR ligands mediate key events of female reproduction: reduced litter size due to impaired fertilization in a transgenic mouse model

Pro-inflammatory Socs3 inactivation in Kiss1-expressing cells does not affect reproduction and metabolism in mice

Spermbots: Magnetic microrobots that assist sperm cells on their journey, opening new routes to assisted reproduction

Disease takes its Toll on reproduction: Toll-like receptors and the bovine corpus luteum

Laying the foundation for neuroendocrine control of human reproduction: an investigation into the development of kisspeptin and neurokinin B networks

The role of autoimmunity and thyroid function on pregnancy outcomes in euthyroid women with autoimmune disease undergoing assisted reproduction

Contrasting effects of kisspeptin-10 between men and women reveal sexual dimorphism in the hypothalamic regulation of human reproduction

Wild ungulate vontraception: Use of GnRH agonist or GnRH vaccine to control reproduction in captive and free-ranging female elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni)

Seasonality of Reproduction in The Wild Boare

Genetics of Reproduction in The Pig

Social Environment and Reproduction

The Kisspeptin-GPR54 axis in reproduction

GPCR mutations and reproduction

New genes and functions in reproduction

Impact of obesity on male reproduction

NCAH and Female Reproduction

Animal models, reproduction and ovarian cancer

Role of cofactors for nuclear receptors in reproduction

What research is needed to improve commercial pig reproduction

Genetic dissection of the different roles of hypothalamic kisspeptin neurons in regulating female reproduction

Role of the metabotropic mGlu5 glutamate receptor in the initiation of puberty and reproduction in female mice

PCSK9 and Lp(a) levels of children born after Αssisted Reproduction Technologies

A role for kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin neurons in initiating and maintaining reproduction

Questionnaire surveys targeting Japanese pediatric endocrinologists regarding reproduction in pediatric and adolescent cancer patients

Dissecting the roles of KNDy-derived kisspeptins in the control of reproduction: Generation and characterization of the Tac2-specific Kiss1 KO (TaK-KO) mouse

Using integrative lipid systems biology to understand the role of Liver X receptors (LXRs) in male reproduction

Could modified release prednisone hold the key to closer reproduction of the glucocorticoid circadian rhythm in Adrenal Insufficiency?

Benefits of synchronizing ovulation with porcine luteinizing hormone (pLH) in a fixed time insemination protocol in weaned multiparous sows

Temporal candidate gene expression patterns in the sow placenta during early gestation and the effect of maternal L-arginine supplementation

Introduction of the George Eric Lamming Memorial Lecture


Estrogen and Interleukin-1β regulation of trophinin, osteopontin, cyclooxygenase-1, cyclooxygenase-2, and interleukin-1β system in the porcine uterus

Changes in responsivenessto bicarbonate under capacitating conditions in liquid preserved boar spermatozoa in vitro

Influencing prolificacy of sows by selection for physiological factors

Effect of progesterone antagonist RU486 on uterine progesterone receptor mRNA expression,embryonic development and ovarian function during early pregnancy in pigs

Responses to exogenous gonadotrophin treatment in contemporary weaned sows

IProteomic study to identify factors in follicular fluid and/or serum involved in <em>in vitro</em> cumulus expansion of porcine oocytes

Post-weaning Altrenogest treatment in primiparous sows; the effect of duration and dosage on follicular development and consequences for early pregnancy

Intrauterine insemination of sows by using a twochamber semen bag system

Select nutrients and glucose transporters in pig uteri and conceptuses

Impact of selection for uterine capacity on the placental transcriptome

Assessment of follicle population changes in sows from day of weaning and during estrus using real-time ultrasound

Global protein profiling of porcine cumulus cells in response to native oocyte secreted factors in vitro

Binding of porcine spermatozoa to uterine epithelial cells modulates the female immune response and might indicate the formation of a pre-oviductal sperm reservoir

Enrichment of porcine spermatogonia by differential culture

The search for the Booroola (FecB) mutation

Cloning and expression of pluripotent factors around the time of gastrulation in the porcine conceptus

Nutritional strategies to optimize reproductionin pigs

Inhibin in rams

Plasma concentrations of dimeric inhibin and oestradiol in heifers undergoing superovulation with eCG or FSH

A critique of the evidence on the importance of steroid feedback to seasonal changes in gonadotrophin secretion

Fertilization of pig eggs <em>in vivo</em> and <em>in vitro</em>

Control of GnRH secretion

Generation of monoclonal antibody to ovine FSH and its application in immunoneutralization and enzymeiminunoassay

Use of chimaeras to study development

Identification and localization of collagen types I and IV in the ruminant follicle and corpus luteum

Neurotransmitter regulation of luteinizing hormone and prolactin secretion

Pulsatile hormone secretion during the first ovarian follicular wave in Bos indicus heifers

Regulation of the secretion of FSH in domestic ruminants

Effects of gonadotrophin concentration on hormone production by theca interna and granulosa cells from bovine preovulatory follicles

Effect of suppression of pituitary-testicular function during fetal life with a GnRH agonist on reproductive development in ram lambs during the first 28 weeks of life

Molecular and cellular changes associated with maturation and early development of sheep eggs

Evidence for dopamine D1 receptor-mediated stimulation of prolactin secretion in ewes under long daylength

The ovarian follicular wave pattern in the mated and non-mated dromedary camel (<em>Camelus dromedarius</em>)

Electrofusion of in vitro produced bovine embryonic cells for the production of isofusion contours for cells used in nuclear transfer

Prostaglandins and the maintenance of pregnancy in goats

Function of the epididymis in bulls and rams

A dual role for progesterone in the control of cyclicity in ruminants

Changes in sperm surfaces associated with epididymal transit

In-vitro fertilization of ruminants

Photoperiodic control of the onset of breeding activity and fecundity in ewes

Factors regulating receptors for LH on ovine luteal cells

Expression and physiology of performance regulating genes in transgenic sheep

Identification and purification of inhibin and inhibin-related proteins

Manipulation of oocytes and in-vitro fertilization

Maturation of pig oocytes <em>in vivo</em> and <em>in vitro</em>

Factors influencingsemen quality in pigs

Hypothalamic control of gonadotrophin and prolactin secretion in pigs

Local regulatory factors controlling folliculogenesis in pigs

Gene transfer studies in cattle

Metabolic influenceson hypothalamic&ndash;pituitary&ndash;ovarian function in the pig

Role of prolactin in the regulation of ovarian function in pigs

Inhibin and secretion of FSH in oestrous cycles of cows and pigs

Nutrient effects on ovulation rate, ovarian function and the secretion of gonadotrophic and metabolic hormones in sheep

Uterine and ovarian countercurrentpathways in the control of ovarian function in the pig

Endocrinology of the lactating and weaned sow

Basic techniques for transgenesis

Differential actions of second messenger systems in the corpus luteum

Peripheral and intragonadal actions of inhibin-related peptides

The ovarian insulin-like growth factor system

Differential origin and control mechanisms in small and large bovine luteal cells

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Kiss1 as integrator of endocrine and metabolic function in the hypothalamic-pituitary axis

Role of neuropeptides and amino acids in controlling secretion of hormones from the anterior pituitary gland in pigs

Fertility in high-producing dairy cows: reasons for decline and corrective strategies for sustainable improvement

Mechanisms mediating the stimulatory effects of the boar on gilt reproductino

Molecular approaches to improved pig fertility&ast;

Distribution and gene expression of neuropeptides during brain development

Reciprocal regulations of bone and energy metabolisms

Space pup project: sperm preservation in space station

Establishment of immortalized neuronal cell lines derived from fetal goat hypothalamus

Lack of gonadotropin release in Kiss1 knockout male rats

Contraception in domestic animals

Oocyte&#150;somatic cell communication

Plasmin&#150;tumour necrosis factor interaction in the ovulatory process

Lineage commitment in the mammalian preimplantation embryo

Reprogramming the genome: role of the cell cycle

Control of follicular growth and development

Function of the hypothalamic-hypophysial axis during the post-partum period in ewes and cows

Control of luteal function during early pregnancy in sheep

Genetics of ageing in invertebrates

Society for Endocrinology European Medal Lecture

Volume Editors

Ultrastructural analysis of spermatozoa in agoutis during sexual development

The role of gene discovery, QTL analyses and gene expression in reproductive traits in the pig

Nutritional regulators of the hypothalamic&ndash;pituitary axis in pigs

The role of bone morphogenetic proteins in ovarian function

Stress and the control of LH secretion in the ewe

Implications of recent advances in reproductive physiology for reproductive management of goats

Regulation of GnRH receptor gene expression in sheep and cattle

The search for the Booroola (FecB) mutation

Transgenic livestock

Nuclear reprogramming by somatic cell nuclear transfer &#8211; the cattle story

Reproductive endocrinology and biotechnology applications among buffaloes

The role of the pineal gland in seasonality

Gamete adhesion molecules

Origin of cerebrospinal fluid melatonin and possible function in the integration of photoperiod

Ontogeny of GnRH systems

Cryopreservation of pig embryos: adaptation of vitrification technology for embryo transfer

Could embryonic diapause facilitate conservation of endangered species?

Deciphering the pig genome to understand gamete production

Puberty: what are the neuroendocrine triggers for the biological end of childhood?

Thyroid disorders, infertility and miscarriages

Flipping the GnRH switch with microRNAs

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Historical Lecture

Male reproductive health and endocrine disrupters

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Winner

Ovarian responses to laetation management strategies

Early placentation and local immune regulation

Lives in the balance: responsiveness of the corpus luteum to uterine and embryonic signals

Activation of the embryonic genome

Derivation of pluripotent, embryonic cell lines from the pig and sheep

Assessment of boar sperm function in relation to freezing and storage

Extracellular matrix and the implantation cascade in pigs

Metabolomics and fertility in cattle: A promising predictor

Transcriptional, post-transcriptional and epigenetic control of porcine oocyte maturation and embryogenesis

Endocrine regulation of puberty in cows and ewes

Blastocyst&#151;endometrial interactions in early pregnancy in the sheep

Leptin as a proinflammatory cytokine

New endocrine and intracellular regulators of reproductive functions

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Effects of heat stress on ovarian functions and embryonic development: mechanism and potential strategies to alleviate these effects in dairy cows

The role of leptin in nutritional status and reproductive function

Kisspeptin stimulates insulin secretion and modulates serum metabolites in humans

Reproductive adaptability: Nature's cunning plan

Role of kisspeptin in the metabolic regulation of fertility

Cell membrane receptors of steroid hormones

Reproductive adaptability: Nature's cunning plan

Leptin and body fat: their roles in the control of reproductive activity in male Rhabdomys pumilio

Ultrastructural changes of neuroendocrine and endocrine responding cells associated with reproductive timing in a hibernating mammal

Endocrine Disruptors transgenerationally alters pubertal timing through epigenetic reprogramming of the hypothalamus

Conditional ablation of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) in GnRH neurons reveals specific roles in reproductive and metabolic homeostasis

Kisspeptin-GPR54 signaling controlling reproductive functions in mammals

The effect of development in vitro

Maturation is prolonged and variable in female chimpanzees

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Gene/Gene Products Interaction Network

Gonadotrophic control of follicle growth in the ewe

Follicle&ndash;oocyte&ndash;sperminteractions <em>in vivo</em> and <em>in vitro</em> in pigs

Dialogue between the preimplantation embryo and the oviduct

Investigating local regulation of the testes of ruminants

Cloning pigs: advances and applications

Functional analysis of autocrine and paracrine signalling at the uterine&ndash;conceptus interface in pigs

Developments in transgenictechniques in pigs

Consequences of variation in interval from insemination to ovulation on fertilization in pigs

Embryonic and uterine development during early pregnancy in pigs

Placental development and its control in cattle

Physiological differences and implications to reproductive management of Bos taurus and Bos indicus cattle in a tropical environment

Nuclear organization of the protamine locus

The use of genomics and proteomics to understand oocyte and early embryo functions in farm animals

Functional genomic approaches for the study of fetal/placental development in swine with special emphasis on imprinted genes

Optimal characteristics of spermatozoa for semen technologies in pigs

Foetal and neonatal development of luteinising hormone and its regulatory systems in the pig

Dopaminergic control of LH secretion by the Al5 nucleus in anoestrous ewes

Histological and immunohistochemical events during placentation in pigs

Evidence for and implications of follicular heterogeneity in pigs

Culture and storage of pig embryos

Gestation length in farmed reindeer

Prolificacy genes in sheep: the French genetic programmes

Recent advances in boar semen cryopreservation

Germ cell&#150;somatic cell interactions during spermatogenesis

Basic neuroendocrine events before puberty in cattle, sheep and pigs

Inhibition of luteolysis and embryo-uterine interactions during the peri-implantation period in pigs

Folliculogenesis in the sheep as influenced by breed, season and oestrous cycle

A changed responsiveness to oestrogen in ewes with clover disease

Cell Fate and Hormonal Regulation of the Pituitary Gonadotrope

Novel regulator of gonadotropin

L4 - Biography

SfE Hoffenberg International Medal Lecture

Functions and mode of action of osteocalcin

Immune-mediated quality control of embryo implantation and reproductive investment

Mitochondrial activity and reactive oxygen species production define distinct subpopulations of human sperm with different functional properties

Tamoxifen inducible Cre systems: adverse effects of low dose tamoxifen treatments on the male reproductive tract

Uterine infection and immunity in cattle

Domestic ruminants as models for the elucidation of the mechanisms controlling ovarian follicle development in humans

Immune-endocrine interactions affecting luteal function in pigs

Theca cells and the regulation of ovarian androgen production

Y chromosome-linked genes implicated in spermatogenesis in cattle

Enhancing reproductive performance in domestic dairy water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Mammalian circannual pacemakers

Steroidogenesis and the initiation of parturition

Effects of nutrition on pregnant and lactating sows

Role of growth hormone in development and maintenance of follicles and corpora lutea

The environment and male fertility, will we disappear?

Photoperiod-induced central actions of thyroid hormone are essential for medullary bone formation

Kisspeptin signalling and fertility

Mating, sex and the immune system in humans and fish.

Knocking down/out the prokineticin pathway during zebrafish development results in the GnRH neurons axons misguiding

Kisspeptin- A 'key regulator' of reproductive physiology, integrating limbic circuits with the regulation of reproductive hormones

Ovarian reserve after chemotherapy

Food or sex: neuropeptides decide

Genetic complexity of FSH receptor function

Impact of EDCs on cation transporter channel in the mouse placenta during pregnancy

Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide related peptide (PRP) in an Anabantidae fish: its mRNA expression in the brain during gonadal development and sexual behavior and its hypophysiotropic effect on pituitary hormonal gene expression

Alarin stimulates food intake and the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in male rats

Photoperiod-induced central actions of thyroid hormone are essential for medullary bone formation

Identification of vitamin D (VDR) and retinoic X (RXR) receptor in normal and neoplastic human reproductive tissues

Urinary bisphenol A (BPA) and its relation to insulin growth factor (IGF) system in polycystic ovary syndrome

Demographic characteristics and therapeutical management in patients with primary ovarian insufficiency

Reproductive and metabolic consequences of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) ablation in GnRH neurons

Environmental effects on gametogenesis: it all depends on sex

Acquisition of meiotic competence in porcine secondary follicles following long-term culture

Ultrastructural analysis of epididymis of agouti (Dasyprocta spp) during sexual development

Differential expression of proteins from the human sperm head and its relation to infertility

Rat femoral neck research: an alternative method of histological sections

Single cell transcriptome analysis of developing arcuate nucleus neurons uncovers their key developmental regulators

Mutational Analysis of TAC and TACR3 in Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty

Expression of genes encoding steroidogenic enzymes in the bovine corpus luteum

Antiluteolytic mechanisms and the establishment of pregnancy in the pig

The search for the Booroola (FecB) mutation

Mammalian gonadal differentiation: the pig model

Advances in <em>in vitro</em> production of pig embryos

Role of uterine immune cells in early pregnancy in pigs

Management of boars for efficient semen production

Effectiveness of <em>in vitro</em> maturation and <em>in vitro</em> fertilization techniques in pigs

Expression of the genes encoding bovine LH in a line of Chinese hamster ovary cells

Inducing pluripotency in livestock somatic cells to enhance genome-editing opportunities

Ovarian function in domestic ruminants: Mechanistic and translational aspects

Corpus luteum development and angiogenesis

Formation of ovarian follicles in ruminants

Putative role of cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CARTPT) in dominant follicle selection in cattle

Developmental programming of the ovine placenta

Metabolism of the bovine cumulus-oocyte complex and influence on subsequent developmental competence

Gene expression in the developing embryo and fetus

Morphological assessment of preimplantation embryo quality in cattle

Uterine differentiation as a foundation for subsequent fertility

Growth and development of the corpus luteum

Distribution of neurotransmitters in the sheep brain

The polypeptides and genes for ovine and bovine trophoblast protein-1

Conceptus-uterus interactions in pigs: endometrial gene expression in response to estrogens and interferons from conceptuses

Cellular and molecular events in early and mid gestation porcine implantation sites: a review

Studies on fixed-time ovulation induction in the pig

Appearance, fate and utilization of abnormal porcine embryos produced by in vitro maturation and fertilization

Proteomic analysis of mammalian gametes and sperm-oocyte interactions

Molecular kinetics of proteins at the surface of porcine sperm before and during fertilization

Causes and conseq uences of fetal growth retardation in pigs

<em>In vitro</em> development of pig preantral follicles

Apoptosis during folliculogenesis in pigs

Oviductal regulation of fertilization and early embryonic development

Regulation of conceptus development and attachment in pigs

Optimizing semen production for artificial insemination in swine

Physiological role of seminal components in the reproductivetract of the female pig

Manipulation of gametes and embryosin the pig

Establishment of pregnancy and its immunological implications in the pig

Lkk Biological and practical lessons associated with the use of sexed semen

What have we learned from the embryonic transcriptome&#63;

Evolution of placental structure and function in ruminants

Corpus luteum regression or maintenance: a duel between prostaglandins and interferon tau

Controlling the dominant follicle in beef cattle to improve estrous synchronization and early embryonic development

Regulation of sperm storage and movement in the ruminant oviduct

Mechanisms and pathobiology of ovulation

Endogenous retroviruses of sheep: a model system for understanding physiological adaptation to an evolving ruminant genome

The developmental origins of health and disease: current theories and epigenetic mechanisms

Gene expression in elongating and gastrulating embryos from ruminants

Immunological influences on reproductive neuroendocrinology

In vitro evaluation of sperm quality related to in vivo function and fertility

Fertility in male sheep: modulators of the acute effects of nutrition on the reproductive axis of male sheep

Oocyte-derived growth factors and ovulation rate in sheep

Leptin actions on the reproductive neuroendocrine axis in sheep

Follicle growth, corpus luteum function and their effects on embryo development in postpartum dairy cows

Placental transport of nutrients and its implications for fetal growth

Molecular regulation of luteal progesterone synthesis in domestic ruminants

Follicle-stimulating isohormones: regulation and biological significance

Prenatal development as a predisposing factor for perinatal losses in pigs

Advances in the generation of transgenic pigs via embryo-derived and primordial germ cell-derived cells

Metabolic influenceson hypothalamic&ndash;pituitary&ndash;ovarian function in the pig

Regulation of uterine and conceptus secretory activity in the pig

Cloning of embryos

Control of follicular development during and after lactation in sows

Impact of metabolism and production diseases on reproductive function in dairy cows

Combined analysis of transcriptome studies of bovine endometrium during the preimplantation phase and comparison to results from ovine and porcine preimplantation endometrium

Kisspeptin neuronal networks in pubertal development of domestic female ruminants

Endocrine actions of interferon-tau in ruminants

Nutritional inputs into the reproductive neuroendocrine control system - a multidimensional perspective

Sexually differentiated regulation of GnRH release by gonadal steroid hormones in sheep

Evolution of the interferon &#964; genes and their promoters, and maternal&#150;trophoblast interactions in control of their expression

Ruminant models of prenatal growth restriction

Development of serum-free culture systems for the ruminant embryo and subsequent assessment of embryo viability

The regulation of interferon-&#116; production and uterine hormone receptors during early pregnancy

Sexual behaviour of rams: male orientation and its endocrine correlates

Luteal peptides and their genes as important markers of ovarian differentiation

Endocrine and reproductive responses of male and female cattle to agonists of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone

Electrophysiological approach to the hypothalamic GnRH pulse generator

Melatonin and the development of circadian and seasonal rhythmicity

Characteristics and causes of the inadequate corpus luteum

Gene expression in the brain-pituitary adipose tissue axis and luteinising hormone secretion during pubertal development in the gilt

Transgenic alteration of sow milk to improve piglet growth and health

Endocrine regulation of periparturient behaviour in pigs

Basicmechanismsof fertilization and parthenogenesisin pigs

Formation and early development of the corpus luteum in pigs

Effects of semen components on ovulation and fertilization

Bone morphogenetic proteins and folliculogenesis: lessons from the Booroola mutation

Mechanism of action of interferon-tau in the uterus during early pregnancy

The functional integrity and fate of cryopreserved ram spermatozoa in the female tract

The preovulatory gonadotrophin-releasing hormone surge: a neuroendocrine signal for ovulation

Gene targeting in livestock

Nuclear transfer from somatic cells: applications in farm animal species

Molecular biology of gonadotrophins

Sensory and behavioural control of gonadotrophin secretion during suckling-mediated anovulation in cows

Dynamics of molecular mechanisms underlying ovarian oxytocin secretion

The effect of intrauterine gonadectomy on fetal and neonatal gonadotrophin secretion in the lamb

Physiological effects of undernutrition on postpartum anoestrus in cows

The growth hormone/prolactin gene family in ruminant placentae

The growth hormone/prolactin gene family in ruminant placentae

Endocrine mechanisms governing transition into adulthood in female sheep

Structural and functional properties of the corpus luteum of pregnancy

Spermatogenesis and Sertoli cell numbers and function in rams and bulls

Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal or endocrine disruptor: The two faces of oestrogen during establishment of pregnancy in the pig

Effects of boar stimuli on the follicular phase and on oestrous behaviour in sows

Control and induction of ovulation in cattle

Cryopreservation and transfer of pig embryos

The effect of suckling upon the endocrine changes associated with anoestrus in identical twin dairy cows

Structural, biochemical and functional aspects of sperm-oocyte interactions in pigs

Transgenic models to study ovarian folliculogenesis and oogenesis

Nuclear receptors and transcriptional control of lipid metabolism

Consensus on women's health aspects of PCOS

Energy status and puberty: novel neuroendocrine regulatory mechanisms

Nuclear receptor 'master' coactivators of physiology and pathology

Protective role of Nigerian honey on sperm indices and testis in sucrose-fed rat

Nuclear receptor coactivators: master genes for physiology and pathology

New roles for oestrogens as revealed by models of oestrogen insufficiency

Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture

Endocrine disruption in lower vertebrates: Xenobiotic exposure affects testicular structure and biochemical composition of semen in a male teleost

KNDy (kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin) cells of the arcuate nucleus: a central node in the control of GnRH secretion

Employing zebrafish and mice to study neuroendocrine programming

Hormone-dependent chromatin modifications regulating sexually differentiated animal behaviour

Nuclear receptor 'master' coactivators of physiology and pathology

Semen quality in men with obesity and metabolic syndrome

European Hormone Medal Lecture

What fat does with your pituitary

Control of pig reproductionin a breeding programme

Regulation and action of gonadotrophinsin pigs

Growth and maturation of oocytes <em>in vitro</em>

Reproductive challenges facing the cattle industry at the beginning of the 21st century

Ghrelin modulates fertilization, early embryo development and implantation

Ovarian expression of adipokines in polycystic ovary syndrome: characterisation of the 'ECHO' condition

Society for Endocrinology Transatlantic Medal Lecture

PCOS: treatment of infertility and prediction of success

The origin and fate of epimutations in offspring produced by assisted reproductive technologies

Effects of maternal obesity and diabetes on DNA methylation in germ cells and offspring

Chromatin remodelling gene Cecr2 in murine gametogenesis, fertilization, and early embryonic development

Association between birth weight and age at menarche: a meta-analysis

Occurrence of rare three types of chromosome configurations in a Murrah buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis)

Effect of different diet fat sources on in vitro maturation of Anglo-Nubian goats oocytes

GATA4 serine 105 phosphorylation is required for testicular steroidogenesis in the mouse

Panel of MABs to sperm surface proteins as tool for monitoring of sperm-zona pellucida receptors localization and identification

SSP411 a sperm factor involved in oocyte cleavage

Reproductive and toxic effects of methanol extract of Alchornea cordifolia leaves

Development of novel neurokinin-3 receptor agonists that potently stimulate the GnRH pulse generator

Neurokinin B activates synchronized intracellular Ca2+ oscillations in KNDy neurons obtained from the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of Kiss1-GFP transgenic mice

Gonadotropin-independent follicle development in the Kiss1/- female rats

Hypothalamic arcuate nuleus-specific enhancer for kisspeptin expression of female mice

Effects of common FSH receptor single-nucleotide polymorphisms on the follicular fluid hormone profile and the granulosa cell gene expression in human small antral follicles

Effect of environmental oxygen on the expression of miRNAs in human embryonic stem cells

Associations between circulating non-esterified fatty acids and uterine function in postpartum dairy cows

A deep RNA sequencing study of mammalian sperm RNA: identifying common cross-species expression motifs indicating functionality

Effect of hyaluronan on some molecular markers of implantation in sheep endometrial cells in vitro

A model of tissue-engineered (3d) decidua to study the effects of environmental pollutants on endometrial physiology

Genome-wide cDNA microarray screening to correlate gene expression profiles of aged mouse ovary to the size of the reserve of the primordial follicle

Epigenetics of the male germline from stem cells to sperm

Molecular mechanisms of reproductive disruption in fish

Novel technologies in screening zoo and exotic animals

Mouse blastocyst implantation in an in vitro model is promoted by early apposition with the uterine epithelium and by hyperosmolar stress

Role of miRNAs in the hypoxic regulation of human embryonic stem cells

Impact of a contrasted metabolism on endometrial and peripheral signalling pathways at implantation in dairy cattle

Osteocalcin interacts with brain-derived neurotrophic factor, nerve growth factor but not oxytocin in the regulation of bone, energy, brain and reproductive functions

AstA signaling functions as an evolutionary conserved mechanism timing juvenile to adult transition

Estrogen signaling in arcuate Kiss1 neurons suppresses a sex-dependent female circuit promoting dense strong bones

Roles of Hypothalamic microRNAs in the Regulation of Puberty

Deciphering the Functional Mechanisms by which MKRN3 Regulates Puberty Initiation

Normal Minipuberty in a Patient with DAX1 Mutation: a Reliable Marker of the Function of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis?

Spontaneous Fertility and Pregnancy Outcomes in Turner Syndrome

Tracing the Glucocorticoid Receptor Evolutionary Pedigree: Insights from a Comprehensive Phylogenetic Analysis of the Full NR Super-Family

Adipocytokines Delay Pubertal Maturation of Human Sertoli Cells

Insights in Promoter Transactivation of CBX2 Expression

The Use of Proteomics in the Assessment of Health Status of Offspring Born after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Physical Exercise &#38; Amenorrhea

Severe 46,XY Disorder of Sex Development due to CBX2 Isoform 2 Mutation is Distinct from CBX2.1 Deficiency and is Likely due to EMX2 Dysregulation in the Human Developing Gonad

A Paternally Inherited NR5A1 Mutation in a Case of 46,XY Partial Gonadal Dysgenesis

Fertility in Persons with DSD, Results From the dsd-LIFE Study

Untargeted Plasma Metabolomics in Prepubertal ICSI and Naturally Conceived Children Unravels Gender: Dimorphic Metabolic Trajectories After ICSI

MAMLD1 Mutations Seem Not Sufficient to Explain a 46, XY DSD Phenotype. What else?

A Novel Mutation in Steroidogenic Factor Gene in a Patient with 46, XY DSD without Adrenal Insufficiency

Polymorphisms and Mutations of the Genes INSL3 and HOXD13 in the Pathogenesis of Isolated Cryptorchidism in Greece

The Role of Rat Hypothalamus Kisspeptin, Neurokinin and their respective Receptors in the Prolactin-Infertility Interaction

An emerging role of phospho1 in the regulation of energy metabolism

Growth, body state and breeding performance in gilts and primiparous sows

Prenatal programming of postnatal development in the pig

Nutritional and lactational effects on follicular development in the pig

Selection for boar fertility and semen quality - the way ahead

The physiological roles of the boar ejaculate

Comparative aspects of placental efficiency

Gene expression during pre- and peri-implantation embryonic development in pigs

Physiology of the Meishan boar

Seasonal effects on fertility in gilts and sows

Studies of uterine secretions and products of primary cultures of endometrial cells in pigs

Differentiation of sexual behaviour in pigs

Causes and consequences of early embryonic diversity in pigs

The synthesis and actions of steroids and prostaglandins during follicular maturation in the pig

Nutrition and sow prolificacy

Effectiveness of genetic selection for prolificacy in pigs

Effect of migration, distribution and spacing of pig embryos on pregnancy and fetal survival

Basic physiology of follicular maturationin the pig

Evolution in fixed-time: from synchronization of ovulation to improved fertility

Testicular function and fertility in bulls

Optimizing productive and reproductive performance in the grazing cow

Consequences of interactions between the maternal immune system and the preimplantation embryo in cattle

The role of kisspeptin in reproductive function in the ewe

The development of reproductive management practices in New Zealand: what will the future hold in a consumer-focused, environmentally-conscious, export-driven marketplace&#63;

Regulation of corpus luteum development and maintenance: specific roles of angiogenesis and action of prostaglandin F2&#97;

Molecular markers of sperm quality

The earliest stages of follicular development: Follicle formation and activation

The noncoding genome: implications for ruminant reproductive biology

Genomic tools for characterizing monogenic and polygenic traits in ruminants - using the bovine as an example

Flock differences in the impact of maternal dietary restriction on offspring growth and glucose tolerance in female offspring

Fetal-maternal interactions during the establishment of pregnancy in ruminants

Gene expression analysis of single preimplantation bovine embryos and the consequence for developmental potential

Gestation length in red deer: genetically determined or environmentally controlled&#63;

Socio-sexual signalling and gonadal function: opportunities for reproductive management in domestic ruminants

Development of the dominant follicle: mechanisms of selection and maintenance of oocyte quality

Novel concepts about normal sexual differentiation of reproductive neuroendocrine function and the developmental origins of female reproductive dysfunction: the sheep model

Control of ovarian follicular development to the gonadotrophin-dependent phase: a 2006 perspective

Seminal plasma effects on sperm handling and female fertility

Regulation of nutrient uptake and metabolism in pre-elongation ruminant embryos

Activation of primordial follicles in vitro

Nutrition and fetal growth: paradoxical effects in the overnourished adolescent sheep

Roles of extracellular matrix in follicular development

Regulation of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone secretion by testosterone in male sheep

Endocrine basis for puberty in heifers and ewes

Inhibin and oestradiol in the control of FSH secretion in the sheep

Production of embryos by oocyte cytoplast&#150;blastomere fusion in domestic animals

Genetic selection for lifetime reproductive performance

Involvement of oviduct in sperm capacitation and oocyte development in pigs

Sperm plasma membrane characteristics and boar semen fertility

Endocrineand follicular studies in Meishan pig

Nature and possible functions of interferons secreted by the preimplantationpig blastocyst

The role of insulin-like growth factors and epidermal growth factor-related peptides in intraovarianregulation in the pig ovary

Culture of pig embryos

Influence of light and photoperiodicity on pig prolificacy

Maturation of ovarian follicles in the prepubertalgilt

Effects of mastitis on ovarian function and fertility in dairy cows

Gene networks in the embryo and endometrium related to embryo survival

Proteomics of bovine endometrium, oocytes and early embryos

Inter- and intra-cellular mechanisms of prostaglandin F2&#97; action during corpus luteum regression in cattle

The roles of the ovarian extracellular matrix in fertility

Assessing gene function in the ruminant placenta

Dietary regulation of developmental programming in ruminants: epigenetic modifications in the germline

The effects of maternal nutrition around the time of conception on the health of the offspring

Technologies for fixed-time artificial insemination and their influence on reproductive performance of Bos indicus cattle

Pregnancy rates in cattle with cryopreserved sexed spermatozoa: effects of laser intensity, staining conditions and catalase

Control of ovarian follicular and corpus luteum development for the synchronization of ovulation in cattle

Consequences of manipulating gametes and embryos of ruminant species

Evaluation of members of the TGF&#223; superfamily as candidates for the oocyte factors that control mouse cumulus expansion and steroidogenesis

Aspects of follicular and oocyte maturation that affect the developmental potential of embryos

IGF paracrine and autocrine interactions between conceptus and oviduct

Control of early ovarian follicular development

Growth factors and the control of folliculogenesis

Gamma amino-butyric acid and the control of GnRH secretion in sheep

Development of the sheep ovary during fetal and early neonatal life and the effect of fecundity genes

Oviduct proteins in fertilization and early embryo development

Molecular biology of trophoblast interferons and studies of their effects in vivo

Intra-follicular regulatory mechanisms in the porcine ovary

Maturation of pig oocytes <em>in vivo</em> and <em>in vitro</em>

Ovarian folliCular growth in sows*

Cryopreservationof pig embryos

Control of follicular development and ovulation rate in pigs

Earlyembryonic development in prolific Meishan pigs

Optimizing management of natural and artificial matings in swine

Embryo&ndash;uterineinteractions in pigs during week 2 of pregnancy

Sources and biological actions of relaxin in pigs

Cytoplasmic inheritance and its effects on development and performance

Influence of environmentaltemperatureon prolificacy of pigs

Selection of breeds, strains and individual pigs for prolificacy

Searching for an inhibitory action of blood-borne [beta]-endorphin on LH release

The metabolism of the ruminant cumulus-oocyte complex revisited

Potential and challenges of testis tissue xenografting from diverse ruminant species

Endocrine disruptors and ovine reproductive development

Causes and consequences of the variation in the number of ovarian follicles in cattle

Interaction of sperm with the zona pellucida during fertilization

Managing the dominant follicle in high-producing dairy cows

The differential secretion of FSH and LH: regulation through genes, feedback and packaging

Interactions between nutrition and ovarian activity in cattle: physiological, cellular and molecular mechanisms

Cloning in livestock agriculture

Mechanisms regulating follicular development and selection of the dominant follicle

Aspects of reproductive performance in small ruminants &#150; opportunities and challenges

Effects of energy balance on follicular development and first ovulation in postpartum dairy cows

Growth factors and extracellular matrix proteins in interactions of cumulus&#150;oocyte complex, spermatozoa and oviduct

Comparative patterns of follicle development and selection in ruminants

Control of antral follicle development and selection in sheep and cattle

Maternal recognition of pregnancy

In-vitro studies of the effects of interferons on endometrial metabolism in sheep

Development of the pig placenta*

<em>In vitro</em> fertilization and embryo development in pigs

Advances in gender preselection in swine

Embryonic and fetal development in different genotypes in pigs

Mechanisms mediating nutritional effects on embryonic survival in pigs

Uterine function in Meishan pigs

Behavioural perspectives on piglet survival

Embryonicsteroids and the establishment of pregnancy in pigs

Expression and performance in transgenic pigs

Detection of early pregnancy in domestic ruminants

Regulation of embryo survival in cattle

Consequences of intra-uterine growth retardation for postnatal growth, metabolism and pathophysiology

Enhancing reproductive performance in dairy buffalo: major constraints and achievements

Sexing mammalian spermatozoa and embryos &#150; state of the art

Regulation of ovarian extracellular matrix remodelling by metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors: effects on follicular development, ovulation and luteal function

Intraovarian regulation of luteolysis

Control of parturition in ruminants

Molecular mechanisms regulating follicular recruitment and selection

Immunological manipulation of ovulation rate for twinning in cattle

Matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors at the ovine trophoblast-uterine interface

Physiological mechanisms of pregnancy recognition in ruminants

Involvement of immune cells in regulation of ovarian function

Role of GnRH in the ontogeny and regulation of the fetal hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in sheep

Cellular interactions during implantation in domestic ruminants

Endocrine control of spermatogenesis in the ram

Neurochemical identity of neurones expressing oestrogen and androgen receptors in sheep hypothalamus

Inhibin and activin in embryonic and fetal development in ruminants

The oxytocin receptor, luteolysis and the maintenance of pregnancy

The role of intra-luteal factors in the control of the porcine corpus luteum

Dopaminergic control of LH secretion by the Al5 nucleus in anoestrous ewes

Development of the gonadotrophic and somatotrophic axes of sheep

Interactions between the immune system and the ruminant conceptus

Cryptorchidism and the pituitary&#151;testicular axis in bulls

Heterogeneous cell types in the corpus luteum of sheep, goats and cattle

Factors that affect fertility during oestrous cycles with short or normal luteal phases in postpartum cows

Negative feedback regulation of the secretion and actions of GnRH in male ruminants

Genetic variation in sperm production

Luteal peptides and intercellular communication

The search for the Booroola (FecB) mutation

Endocrine patterns associated with puberty in male and female cattle

Effects of LH-RH infusion, castration and cryptorchidism on gonadotrophin and testosterone secretion in developing rams

Gonadotrophic control of follicular development and function during the oestrous cycle of the ewe

The use of microarrays to define functionally-related genes that are differentially expressed in the cycling pig uterus

Hormonal and cellular interactions in follicular steroid biosynthesis by the sheep ovary

Endocrine patterns of the post-partum cow

Short light cycles induce persistent reproductive activity in Ile-de-France rams

Influence of semen on inflammatory modulators of embryo implantation

Harnessing the biology of the oviduct for the benefit of artificial insemination

Plasma hormone concentrations associated with early embryo mortality in heifers

Factors influencing the commercialisation of cloning in the pork industry

Germ cell transplantation in pigs - advances and applications

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is associated with twin pregnancies and with adverse obstetric outcome: Analysis of 142,277 deliveries data from a single center

Gestational diabetes risk in three Israeli population subgroups

Age and developmental stage dependent relationship between plasma concentrations of leptin, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin, testosterone and inhibin B in boys between the age of 1 and 20 years

Heterodimerization of retinoid X receptor with xenobiotic nuclear receptors occurs in the cytoplasmic compartment of cell in a ligand independent manner

Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein receptors in human pituitary adenomas

Consequences from loss of estrogen receptor activity in endocrine physiology

Leptin expands function

Cannabinoids as modulators of neuroendocrine signaling

Continuous administration of kisspeptin-54 leads to desensitisation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis and testicular degeneration

The impact of iodine deficiency even in the 21st century

Heterozygous missense mutations in steroidogenic factor 1 (SF1/Ad4BP, NR5A1) cause 46,XY disorders of sex development with normal adrenal function

Plasma triglycerides and appetite control

Ghrelin and the gonads

Ovarian transplantation

Transgenes and physiology in the Growth Hormone axis: a view from the portal

Estrogen receptor insensitivity: basic and clinical consequences in hormone and endocrine physiology

The homologous hormones lutropin and choriogonadotropin are interacting differently with the LH/CG receptor

Mutations in the NR5A1 gene in patients with 46,XY disorders of sex development (DSD): high frequency of familial multi-generational occurrence

Physiology and developmental disorders of the pituitary

Crystal structure of the complex between an insulin-like peptide (DILP5) and an ILP binding protein (IMP-L2) from Drosophila melanogaster

TGF-[beta] signaling and the microRNA machinery

Speakers, cross-talk and chatter in reproductive neuroendocrinology

The clock in the pituitary gland: timing annual cycles

Homo-dimerisation of cytochrome P450c17 resolves the conundrum of the dual activities of cytochrome P450c17

Pituitary stem cells: quest for hidden functions

Kisspeptin modulates resting brain activity to alter responses to negative stimuli in humans

Nuclear receptors and their coactivators: An entre to understanding human diseases


Sexual Development

Reproductive hormones: Involvement in maternal stress coping and anxiety

A mouse reporting on estrogen receptor (ER) transcriptional activity to understand the complexities of female physiology in mammals

Use of recombinant leptin in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea

Combinatorial signalling and gene transcription in neuroendocrine cells: does PACAP potentiate hormone-dependent gene transcription?

Stress and sex on the farm &#150; lessons for humans

Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes the chemomigration of immature GnRH neurons

Neuropilin-2 and its ligands are involved in the migration of GnRH-secreting neurons

Neuroprotective actions of estrogens in the central nervous system

Atypical G-protein coupled receptor expression in pituitary tumors

Impact of SNP on hormone function: FSH receptor

ART/IVF and cryopreservation

Evidence of the involvement of gherline and obestatin in the regulation of GH secretion during pubertal development in boys

Molecular pathomechanisms of steroidogenetic adrenal disorders

Ethnic specific PCOS

Spatial expression profiling reveals tissue-specific sexual dimorphism of the natriuretic peptide system in mice

Sertoli cell expressed hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenase 1 is required for male fertility

Understanding the molecular basis of seasonal changes in behavior

Dependence of semen characteristics on abstinence time, testicular volume and hormones

Moleular pathology of the FSH receptor

Contraception in the new millennium

Association of vitamin D status with serum androgen levels in men

Progesterone and the nervous system

How can we predict ovarian reserve and how useful is this?

Lifestyle modification and fertility

Decoding gonadotrophin receptor signalling via spatial regulation of the LH receptor

The prolactin receptor and pregnancy

Endocrine and other biological rhythms in man

Endocrine-immune bidirectionality in pregnancy: effects of stress and anxiety

A novel autocrine/paracrine inside-out signalling pathway that cross-talk the prostanoid and GnRH receptors in pituitary cells

Antral follicle count (AFC) is related to serum anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) independent of age, FSH and body mass index (BMI) in candidates for assisted conception

Metabolic effects of insulin and modification by androgen in immortalised mouse granulosa cells

What does kisspeptin do in humans?

One hormone, two functions: the chorionic gonadotropin in New World Monkeys

Endocrine disrupting chemicals induced alteration of cell cycle related genes resulting in proliferation of human breast cancer cells via an estrogen receptor-mediated signaling pathway in vitro

The hinge region of the lutropin receptor mediates different activation mechanisms: CG induces trans- and LH only cis-initialization

Crystal structure of Drosophila imaginal morphogenesis protein-Late 2 (IMP-L2) in free form and bound to Drosophila insulin-like peptide 5 (DILP5) and human Insulin-like growth factor-I (hIGF1).

Medical treatment of macroprolactinomas Escalation and de-escalation of dopamine agonist dose


Targeting Cyp11b1 expression in mice to model sequelae of congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Expression of ghrelin receptor, GHSR-1a in the pig ovary and its role in ovarian function

Contamination with depleted or enriched uranium differently affects steroidogenesis metabolism in rat

Development and characterization of high-affinity leptins and leptin antagonists

Kisspeptin enhances the brain processing of attraction in men

Impact of a FSHR positive allosteric modulator on FSH glycosylation variant-dependent FSHR homomerisation and signal pathway activation

The role of transcription factors in control of ovarian functions

Post-endocytic sorting of the LH receptor is mediated by a novel APPL1 dependent mechanism

The effects of Vitamin D on the outcomes of controlled ovarian stimulation in women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome undergoing in vitro fertilisation

Kisspeptin-54 injection stimulates activity of the human GnRH pulse generator in healthy women

The hypothyroidism alters circadian clock expression in anterior pituitary gland

Luteinizing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) action on the same receptor results in different in vitro intracellular signaling in mouse primary Leydig cells

FSH increases the different LH- and hCG-dependent intracellular signalling and the downstream life/death signals in vitro

Kisspeptin modulates resting brain activity to alter responses to negative stimuli in humans

The obstructive azoospermia and TESA-ICSI

Managment of women with premature ovarian insufficiency: a multi-disciplinary review of practice

Clinical implications of measuring prolactin levels in males of infertile couples

Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes the chemomigration of immature GNRH neurons

Is age of vaginal opening an indicator of leptin sensitivity in female Sprague Dawley rats?

Mutation analysis of NR5A1 gene encoding steroidogenic factor 1 in cryptorchidism and male infertility

New endocrine and intracellular regulators of ovarian functions

Short term intervention with liraglutide and metformin increased fertility potential in a subset of obese PCOS proceeding IVF

Comparison of IL-1 alpha induced gene expression in normal human ovarian surface epithelial cells and ovarian cancer cells

Corticotropin releasing hormone receptor signalling pathways and regulation of NOSIII activity in syncytialized BeWo cells

Expression and direct effects of adiponectin in rat testis

Fertilization in superovulated sheep is disturbed by oestrogenic anovulatory follicles

Expression of the IGF system in the involuting bovine uterus

FSH and LH cells in normal-fed male rats after centrally applied ghrelin

Paediatric hypothyroidism: effect of thyroxin replacement therapy on growth hormone secretion and linear growth velocity

Are all kisspeptins equal? The effect of kisspeptin 10 and kisspeptin 54 on kisspeptin-mediated signalling

Sexual dimorphism in fetal testosterone output in the silver fox

Spitting out the issues: Identifying optimal procedures for saliva collection and storage

Effect of methomyl on the biochemical and reproductive parameters in pregnancy rats: the protective role of Pistacia Lentiscus oil

Neuromedin B stimulates the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in male rats

Increased HOXA10 expression in late gestation: A novel target for hormonal regulation in placenta and decidua

Omentin-1, a potential link between chronic low grade inflammation, metabolic and reproductive features of polycystic ovary syndrome

Isoforms of the short chain alcohol dehydrogenase reductase enzyme 11[beta]HSD1L is differentially expressed in the pituitary, gonads and gastrointestinal tract

Association between rs1801260 of the circadian gene CLOCK and lipid and glucose metabolism in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Oxytocin modulates olfaction-related behaviour and essential for onset of sexual behaviour in both sexes of mice

Approach to the management of the infertile couple

The effects of kisspeptin-54 administration on GH, prolactin, and TSH secretion in healthy women

Cigarette smoke exposure disturbed maturation of ovarian follicle and induced abnormal growth of uterus inner wall of female rats

Hormonal correlates of different ejaculatory latencies in subjects with sexual dysfunction

Stimulatory role of neurokinin B in the control of the gonadotropic axis in the rat: developmental changes, sexual dimorphism and regulation by gonadal steroids

Endocrine disruptors in seminal fluid: bisphenol A, triclosan and benzophenone-3

Feedback and GnRH pulse frequency decoding: a mathematical model for GnRH signalling in gonadotrophs

Audit of premature ovarian insufficiency management at University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust

Spontaneous resolution of hypothalamic amenorrhea post diagnostic GnRH test

The regulation of LHCGR-dependent signaling is linked to circadian gene expression

Neuromedin U (NMU) and Neuromedin S (NMS) function as putative rregulators of the gonadotropic axis in the rat

Expression of kisspeptin and its receptor in aldosterone-producing adrenal adenomas

Expressions of KISS1 and GPR54 are differentially regulated by estradiol and GnRH in adult female rat pituitary

Chronic subcutaneous administration of kisspeptin-54 causes testicular degeneration in adult male rats

Plasma kisspeptin levels in polycystic ovary syndrome

Relation of plasma kisspeptin levels with obesity and insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome

Hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenase 13 knockout mice present with inflammation associated liver steatosis

Sex hormones and sexual function in postmenopause

Immuno-modulatory role of prolactin in immune tissues driven by the alternative promoter

The role of tailored treatment on conception and pregnancy at patients with insulin resistance

Functional characterization of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor core promoter: applying a comparative approach among primates

In vitro effect of 4-nonylphenol and 17[beta]-estradiol on bovine spermatozoa

Influence of BMI in response to ovarian stimulation and live birth in IVF

A case of polymyositis and vasculitis induced by ovulation induction therapy with GnRH: case report

Regulation of LH/CG receptor signaling in human endometrium and perturbations in recurrent pregnancy loss

Lipid metabolism is impaired in obesity/diabetes model mice

Functionality of largest follicles is affected in gonadotrophin-stimulated cycles

Using problem-based learning (PBL) to engage undergraduate medical students in endocrinology at Edinburgh Medical School

The impact of adiposity on serum anti-Mullerian hormone in normal and overweight women with decreased ovarian reserve

An unusual case of possible cyclic Cushing's disease in a young man with Klinefelter syndrome

Fungal sinusitis caused by Aspergillus in a patient with type 1 diabetes

A rare etiology of hyperprolactinemia: Factitious hypoglycemia

The lymphocyte interactions in thyroid tissue in graves&#146; disease

Demonstration of estrogen receptor&#150;<B>&#946;</B> in human gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecture

Effect of endocrine disrupting chemicals on the calcium channel and implantation during implantation period

Effect of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo culture duration on mouse development and postnatal health

Genetic inactivation of osteocalcin in Col1a1Jrt/+ mice, a model of dominant osteogenesis imperfecta, restores glucose metabolism to wild-type levels

Establishing reproductive potential and advances in fertility preservation techniques for XY individuals with differences in sex development

Klinefelter Syndrome - When Should Testosterone be Started?

Regulation of CBX2 Transcription in Human Development

An Updated Evolutionary Study in Glucocorticoid Receptors; Insights from a Comprehensive Phylogenetic, SNP's and Mutation's Analysis of the Nuclear Receptors Family: An Updated Evolutionary Study in Glucocorticoid Receptors; Insights from a Comprehensive Phylogenetic, SNP's and Mutation's Analysis of the Nuclear Receptors Family

Follow-Up of Two Similar Patients with Steroidogenic Factor-1 (SF-1/ NR5A1) Variants, in Two Different Eras

Neonatal Hypocalcemia Revealing a Malignant Osteopetrosis

Genetic basis of prolificacy in Meishan pigs

Early uterine development in pigs

Spermatogonial stem cell biology in the bull: development of isolation, culture, and transplantation methodologies and their potential impacts on cattle production

State-of-the-art embryo technologies in cattle

Follicle selection in domestic ruminants

Control of time of parturitionin pigs

Ruminant phylogenetics: A reproductive biological perspective

Comparative reproductive function in cervids: implications for management of farm and zoo populations

Manipulatingearly pig embryos

Effects of the ovary and conceptus on uterine blood flow in the pig

Regulation of follicle waves to maximize fertility in cattle

The early pregnancy factor of sheep and cattle

Strategies to improve the fertility of frozen-thawed boar semen for artificial insemination

Androgens and cardiovascular diseases

Testicular dysgenesis syndrome: clinical and environmental aspects

A novel pharmacological approach to target LH and testosterone hypersecretion in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled multi-centre randomised clinical trial of the neurokinin B receptor antagonist AZD4901

Effects of long-term testosterone therapy on obesity, glycaemic control and other features of the metabolic syndrome

Endocrine disrupters in puberty

How treatments with endocrine &#38; metabolic drugs influence pituitary cell function?

Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture

The management of Turner Syndrome from paediatric to adult care

Luteinizing hormone/choriogonadotropin receptor (LHCGR) mediates different kinetics of G proteins, <strong>&#946;</strong>-arrestins and cAMP activation

Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone signalling displays sexually dimorphic roles in the control of energy homeostasis: studies in the NPFF1 receptor null mouse

Diving into the brain: deep brain imaging techniques in conscious animals.

Diagnostic potential of a 'mouse azoospermia' gene panel in human azoospermia: identification of novel genetic causes of meiotic arrest

Rising endogenous sex steroids adversely affect performance of certain cognitive tasks across pregnancy

Towards the development of an <em>in vitro</em> 3D human thyroid model

Establishing circadian rhythm profiles for salivary testosterone in women: evidence of decline during ageing

Secondary amenorrhea: epidemiological, clinical and etiology profile at the university hospital center Mohammed VI Oujda

Waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio in relation to semen quality and serum reproductive hormones levels among Estonian fertile men

Androgen steroids profile in follicular fluid of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) women

Functional pharmacology of prostaglandin E receptors in isolated human myometrium before and after labour-onset

Changes of steroid hormones in pregnant ex-smokers and their newborns

The impact of vitamin D supplementation on HOMA IR and ovulation in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome

Initial characterization of the human seminal plasma proteome in a fertile normogonadic man by top-down strategy

Heterogeneous hCG and hMG commercial preparations result in biased intracellular signaling but induce similar progesterone response in vitro

Modes and actions of inter-individual transfer of estradiol and progesterone among conspecifics in both mice and bats

Pregnancy outcomes in acromegaly: A single tertiary center case series

Effects of dopamine agonist administration during seasonal cyclicity in the mare

Growth hormone signaling in leptin receptor expressing cells, but not in Kiss1 expressing neurons, regulates the timing of puberty

Overexpressed kisspeptin/Kiss1R system in human granulosa cells may be involved in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by inhibiting ovulation

Sertoli cell-specific knockout of coxsackie and adenovirus receptor (Cxadr) disrupts the blood-testis barrier and causes impaired fertility

Anti-M&#252;llerian hormone and letrozole levels in boys with constitutional delay of growth and puberty treated with letrozole or testosterone

Assessment of health-related quality of life in Egyptian children and adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Judge, jury and executioner: the auto-regulation of luteal function

Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture

Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture

The Wnt/[beta]-catenin effector Tcf3/TCF7L1 is required for normal hypothalamic[ndash]pituitary development

Prolactin: an underestimated hormone

Phenotypes and enviromental factors in PCOS

Oocyte cryopreservation

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