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Dublin, Ireland
18 Sep 2014 - 20 Sep 2014

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Dublin, Ireland; 18-20 September 2014. Further information


Novel Insights into Hypoadrenalism

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Aetiology of Congenital Hypoadrenalism

Achermann John

Congenital adrenal insufficiency is a potentially life-threatening condition that can present soon after birth in many different ways. The classic presentation is a salt-losing crisis due to mineralocorticoid insufficiency, often between a week and two of life, but babies with predominant glucocorticoid insufficiency can present with other features such as prolonged jaundice, hypoglycaemia and hyperpigmentation. Most children with congenital adrenal insufficiency present to em...

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Adrenarche: Coming of Age in the Era of Genomics and Metabolomics

Rainey William

The human adrenal cortex produces a wide range of steroids that includes aldosterone, cortisol and a variety of 19 carbon (C19) steroids; the most studied being DHEA. In humans, adrenarche is the endocrine developmental process manifested by an increased adrenal output of DHEA. This phenomenon corresponds with the expansion of the zona reticularis of the adrenal gland. However, the physiological mechanisms that trigger adrenarche remain elusive. Our research focuses...