ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 LBP-D--3-1011

The Circulating miRNAs Expression in Simple Obese Children

Liyang Liang, Zhe Meng, Zulin Liu, Lele Hou, Lina Zhang & Wenqin Lao

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

Background: Childhood obesity is a major health concern worldwide which is associated with increased risk of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome (MS). MicroRNAs have been showed to play regulatory roles in several biological progresses such as adipocyte differentiation, glucose and lipid metabolism and insulin signaling pathway. The studies of the circulating miRNAs expressing involved in obesity and MS are of essential importance as it could lead to the identification of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Objective: To explore the characteristics of circulating miRNAs in simple obese children and screen the miRNAs related to obesity in children.

Methods: Screen of circulating miRNAs expression in six children (three in normal, three in obesity) by high-throughput microRNA microarray and verify the discrepant miRNAs in 30 children (15 in normal, 15 in obesity) by RT-PCR, and analyze the relationship between miRNA and clinical indexes.

Results: i) We detected 1895 miRNAs and found 67 miRNAs in differences, including 48 down-regulated and 19 up; ii) miR-142–5p was up-regulated and miR-133b decreased in obese children and their levels affected by metabolic disorders. iii) The level of miR-142–5p was positive correlated with weight (r=0.409, P=0.013), waist circumference (WC) (r=0.458, P=0.005), waist circumference to height ratio (WHtR) (r=0.510, P=0.002), BMI (r=0.500, P=0.002), TG (r=0.568, P=0.001), CHOL (r=0.422, P=0.010), non-HDL (r=0.367, P=0.023), negative correlated with ISI (r=−0.499, P=0.003); and TG was the high-risk impact factors; iv) The level of miR-133b was negative correlated with weight (r=−0.456, P=0.006), WC (r=−0.464, P=0.005), WHtR (r=−0.452, P=0.006), BMI (r=−0.467, P=0.005), positive correlated with ISI (r=0.489, P=0.003); and ISI was the independent impact factor.

Conclusion: miR-142-5p up-regulated and miR-133b down-regulated in simple obese children’s circulating, may be involved in the occurrence and development of childhood obesity and MS pathological physiological process, might be an effective way to screen obesity and MS in children.

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