ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-3-2-722

Knowledge Base and Attitudes of Senior Medical Staff to Insulin Therapy in Children with Diabetes

Amith Nuti, Christopher Bidder, Geraldine Phillips, Puvaneswary Vamadevan & Carol Fraser

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, Swansea, South Wales, UK

Background: Knowledge on multiple daily injections (MDI) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) regimen impacts on the out-of-hours advice given to families of children with diabetes. As such, knowledge base and attitudes of senior medical staff particularly middle grades regarding insulin therapy is paramount.

Objective: Assessing confidence levels of middle grade doctors to provide advice on insulin regimens. We conducted a questionnaire based survey to assess knowledge base and followed it up with training sessions delivered by the diabetic team.

Method: A SurveyMonkey based questionnaire was circulated to all middle grades and consultants in the paediatric department. Questions included: i) Calculation based scenarios. ii) Confidence levels at managing DKA. iii) Trouble shooting insulin pump queries. iv) Future training sessions content. Free text option for responses were provided.

Results: Three consultants, five middle grades (ST4-8), and two associate specialist doctors responded. 67% were not confident on starting MDI for newly diagnosed cases although majority were confident of managing DKA and provide advice over ‘sick day rules’. 57% were unable to advise change from CSII to MDI regimen and 85% were not confident on providing advice over the phone regarding pump use. Training sessions on the insulin pump improved confidence in diabetes management.

Conclusion: There is significant lack in knowledge base regarding insulin pump therapy. There is scope for guideline development on different pumps used in CSII. Structured education teaching on diabetes should include basic insulin pump training. Confidence in managing common insulin pump queries improved in post-teaching survey.

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