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Impairment of Glucose Metabolism in GH Deficient Children Under GH Replacement

Maria Xatzipsalti a , Vasiliki-Ioanna Mitravela a , Ioulia Polichroni a , Dimitrios Delis b , Andriani Vazeou b & Lela Stamogiannou a

aA’ Department of Pediatrics, P&A Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece; bA’ Department of Pediatrics, Diabetes Center, P&A Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece

Background: GH replacement therapy in children with GH deficiency (GHD) mainly promotes linear growth. There are few studies fully analyzed the metabolic consequences of GH therapy.

Objective and hypotheses: To study the effects of GH replacement therapy on glucose metabolism in patients with GHD.

Method: Sixty two children {mean age (S.D. 8.6 (3.3,) years; 35 boys, 10 SGA, 50 prepubertal who were under treatment with GH (for a median duration of 2.5 years (range 0.43-10.5) were studied. Height SDS was −1.9 (0.71) and BMI SDS −0.35 (1.2) before treatment. Fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, lipid profile was evaluated annually at 0, 1, 2, and 3 years.

Results: Fasting blood glucose levels were significantly increased during GH replacement therapy for 3 consecutive years within the normal range. (Mean±S.D.) 81,8±11.34 vs 88.0±8.94131 vs 88.8±8.3 vs 95.0±10.5 at 0, 1, 2, and 3 years after GH treatment (P=0.005 for 0 vs 1, P=0.002 for 0 vs 2, P<0.0005 for 0 vs 3 years, p=0.032 for 1 vs 3 years). HbA1C was not different among the different groups. The difference in blood glucose was not related to BMI SDS and to Tanner stage. Cholesterol levels were increased above 170 mg/dl in 45% of treated patients, however, triclyceride and HDL levels were within normal range.

Conclusion: Children with GHD who are on GH replacepent show an increase in their fasting blood glucose over the years of treatment possibly due to GH therapy,although this increase was within the normal range in this group of patients.

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