ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-3-3-795

Hospital Univ. Marques de Valdecilla, Santander, Spain

Background: The childhood obesity is a common reason for consultation, due to the increase of this disease in our society, the instruction of the patient and the family consumed many resources.

Objective: Study the obese children who attended during the year 2012 valuing the results at 4 and 8 months.

Method: 37 obese children(SDS >2), valuing sex, age, family history (FH), anthropometrics measures at birth and the time of the study, relationship W/H, BMI and SDS, type of diet, exercise performed, blood pressure (BP), analytics TC (total cholesterol), HDL-C and LDL-C, TGR (Triglicerides), insulin, HOMA and not endocrinology associated diseases. Indicated guidelines of diet, exercise and they were helped by the educator. Evolution to the 4 and 8 months. The stadistical analysis was performed SPSS.15.

Results: 37 children, 22 males (59.5%), ages 10.61 (4.6–15.2), there were FH 32 (86.5%),at birth 25 (67.6%) had a AGA, 11 (29.7%) were macrosomics, weight at the beginning 63.67 (32.8–101 kg), SDSp 2.98±1, height 1.45 (1.13–1.77 cm), SDSt 0.84±1, W/H 145.17±13.9%, BMI 28.25±2.71 kg/m2, SDS-BMI 2.72±0.87, carbohydrates rich food in 97.3%, did not take fruits and/or vegetables 73%, ate between meals 65%, and not performing any exercise 40.5%. Systolic BP 113.16±10.43, diastolic 63.92±9.3. Analytical: CT 160.25±30, HDL-C 51.43±12.14, LDL-C 92.69±22.47, TGR 81.97±44.3 mg/dl, insulinemia 15.68±8.9 μU/ml, HOMA 3.41±2.12, being 13(35%)> 3, predominance in males (61.5%). The frequent disease associated was asthma 21.6%.

Table 1.
EvolutionAggravate BMISame =BMILittle improvement BMI (0.5–1)Adequate improvement BMI (>1)
4 Months18.9%24.3%32.4%24.3%
8 Months45.9% (70% males)32.4%16.2%5.4%

Conclusions: Eating habits and life style produced an increase in childhood obesity, with the future risk of diabetes type II especially in males. The results achieved are bit rewarding, it would be necessary to devote more resources to try to decrease this pathology.

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