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54th Annual ESPE

Barcelona, Spain
01 Oct 2015 - 03 Oct 2015

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Barcelona, Spain; 1-3 October 2015 Further information

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Programming & Misc.

hrp0084p3-1247 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

The Association between Selected Endocrinopathies and Central Arterial Pressure in Children and Adolescents

Noiszewska Klaudyna , Krentowska Anna , Skoneczny Anna , Mazur Agnieszka , Borysewicz-Sanczyk Hanna , Bossowski Artur

Background: Many endocrinopathies are associated with cardiovascular abnormalities. Central blood pressure (CAP), reflecting the condition of blood vessels, may be useful in monitoring of patients with endocrinopathies.Objective and hypotheses: To evaluate parameters of CAP in patients with selected endocrinopathies.Method: The study group comprised 122 patients (58 girls and 64 boys) with endocrinopathies: GH deficiency before GH ...

hrp0084p3-1248 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

The Development of a Publication Presentation Workshop: Enhancing the Publication of African Paediatric Endocrinological Research

de Villiers Francois

Background: There is much activity in Africa in Paediatric Endocrinology. The international societies, ESPE, and ISPAD helped significantly in the development of paediatric endocrinology training. Considerable research is being done at the PETCA in Kenya, PETWCA in Lagos and elsewhere, but too few of the studies are published. Owing to the pressure of clinical work in Africa most endocrinologists have difficulty in completing their research.Objective and...

hrp0084p3-1249 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Telomere Length in Young Adults Born Preterm and the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease; Support for Accelerated Biological Ageing in Subjects Born Preterm

Smeets Carolina , Codd Veryan , Samani Nilesh , Hokken-Koelega Anita

Background: Subjects born preterm have an increased risk for ageing-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) in later life but the underlying cause is largely unknown. Telomere length (TL) is a usable index for ageing, with shorter TL indicating older biological age. Furthermore, short TL is associated with CVD.Objective and hypotheses: To investigate TL in subjects born preterm compared to term and to assess if TL is associated with risk...

hrp0084p3-1250 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

A Survival Analysis Approach to Assess the Association between Maternal Prepregnancy Overweight and Childhood Overweight: Results of the Ulm Birth Cohort Study (UBCS)

Brandt Stephanie , Brenner Hermann , Genuneit Jon , Rothenbacher Dietrich , Wabitsch Martin

Background: It has been suggested that maternal prepregnancy overweight has an effect on childhood overweight.Objective: We aimed to use a survival analysis approach to investigate the association between maternal prepregnancy overweight and childhood overweight in the prospective Ulm Birth Cohort Study (UBCS).Design: At baseline n=1086 mothers and their newborns agreed to participate in the UBCS. Weight and height values ...

hrp0084p3-1251 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Sexually Dimorphic Methylation of SF-1 in Rat Placenta after Gestational Exposure to BPA

Fudvoye Julie , Dehan Pierre , Lienard Mehdi , Trooskens Geert , Gerard Arlette , Bourguignon Jean-Pierre , Parent Anne-Simone

Background: Gestational exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can impact the control of sexual differentiation by altering the hormonal environment of the foetus. Prenatal exposure to BPA, for instance could lead to disorders of sexual development. At the interface between the mother and the foetus, the placenta plays a key role in foetal programming and responds to environmental stressors in a sex specific manner. Epigenetics has appeared to be a key mechanism for...

hrp0084p3-1252 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Abstract withdrawn....

hrp0084p3-1253 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Newborns with Longest Telomeres are Big at Birth and Have Most Lean Mass: Not Most Fat: in Late Infancy

Silva Marta Diaz , Lopez-Bermejo Abel , Toda Lourdes Ibanez , de Zeguer Francis

Background: Telomere length at birth is a major determinant of telomere length at later ages, up into senescence. However, the prenatal setting of telomere length is poorly understood. Individuals born large are at lower risk for later-life disorders, such as diabetes, than those born small, a feature of their longer health span being a higher lean mass that provides more muscle strength and is already present in infancy.Objective and hypotheses: To asse...

hrp0084p3-1254 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Untargeted Plasma Metabolomics in Prepubertal ICSI and Naturally Conceived Children Unravels Gender: Dimorphic Metabolic Trajectories After ICSI

Gkourogianni Alexandra , Telonis Aristeidis G , Kosteria Ioanna , Margeli Alexandra , Mantzou Emilia , Konsta Maria , Loutradis Dimitrios , Mastorakos George , Papassotiriou Ioannis , Kanaka-Gantenbein Christina , Klapa MariaI , Chrousos George P

Background: ICSI is an assisted reproduction technique (ART) mainly used to overcome male infertility. Nowadays, ICSI is employed frequently due to its high success rate, despite it being highly invasive (i.e. epigenetic risk). Recent studies in ART offspring show a higher incidence of cardio-metabolic risk than in naturally-conceived (NC) controls. Thus, in our prior untargeted metabolomic study between ICSI and NC prepubertal girls, we demonstrated insulin resistance in the ...

hrp0084p3-1255 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

Analysis of Gene Methylation Difference and Evaluation the Effect of GH in Silver–Russell Syndrome

Wu Di , Gong Chunxiu , Zhao Yang , Su Chang , Cao Bingyan

Background: Nearly half of SRS epigenetic etiology is unknown. Effect of GH in SRS is not exact.Objective: To determine novel gene or imprinted gene associated with pathogenicity of Silver–Russell syndrome (SRS) through detection genome-wide methylation differences. To observe GH efficacy in SRS and the relationship between GH and epigenetic changes.Method: To detect genome-wide methylation site through the Illumina 450K methy...