ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-2-292

Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Under 15-Years-Old in Navarre (Spain) between 1980 and 2014

Sada Zarikiana, María Chuecaa, Sara Berradea, Elisabet Burilloa, Koldo Cambrab, Arkaitz Galbeteb, LLuis Forgaa & Mirentxu Oyarzabala

aComplejo Hospitalario de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain; bNavarrabiomed – Fundación Miguel Servet, Pamplona, Spain

Background: The incidence of childhood T1DM is rising worldwide. The incidence varies based upon geography, age, gender, genetic susceptibility, ethnicity, environmental risk factors or differences in features and quality registers, ranging from 0.1 to 65 per 100 000 children younger than the age of 15 years. In Spain, the incidence is high (20.6) but fluctuates among Autonomous Communities.

Objective and hypotheses: Study the epidemiological data in patients younger than 15 years with childhood T1DM in a tertiary referral hospital in the community of Navarra, between January 1980 and December 2014.

Method: Retrospective study of children under 15 years old diagnosed with type 1 diabetes between 1st January 1980 and 31st December 2014 in Navarre. Mark and recapture method was done after collecting information from Local Hospitals, Primary Care Centers and The Diabetes Association of Navarre. Incidence rates were calculated and a Poisson regression model was fitted to analyze changes in the incidence over time.

Results: Between 1st January 1980 and 31st December 2014, a total of 505 new cases of T1DM aged under 15 were recorded (284 boys and 221 girls) with an average of 14.4 cases/year (a minimum of three cases in 1996 and a maximum of 27 in 2014). The highest incidence was found in the group aged 10–14 years (47.5%). Average incidence rate presented by 5-year periods: 9.0/100.000 between 1980–1984, 13.7/100.000 between 1985–1990, 12.8/100.000 between 1990–1995, 12.5/100.000 between 1995–1999, 19.9/100.000 between 2000–2004, 20.5/100.000 between 2005–2009 and 22.4/100.000 between 2010–2014. The results of the Poisson regression model showed a significant increasing trend in incidence rates (P<0.001), being the annual average change factor 1.031 (IC 95% 1.022–1.040).

Conclusion: The incidence of T1DM in children under 15-years old in Navarre has clearly increased over time from 1980 to 2014. The age group with the highest incidence was 10–14 years among all the study period.

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