ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-2-443

Usefulness of 3D Ultrasonography for Assessment of the Morphology of the Ovary in Adolescents with Hyperandrogenism

Iwona Ben-Skowronek, Elzbieta Budzynska, Magdalena Wozniak & Pawel Wieczorek

Medical University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland

Background: Polycystic ovary morphology (PCOM) in USG should not be identified with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and it is not a criterion for diagnosis of this syndrome in adolescents.

Objective and hypotheses: Assessment of the usability of 3D ultrasonography in diagnostics of androgen excess disorders.

Method: 40 girls aged 14–18 with hyperandrogenism were subjected to endocrinological examinations and transrectal USG of the reproductive organ. The patients were divided into two groups: I – girls with PCOS and II – girls that did not meet the criteria for the diagnosis of PCOS (regularly menstruating girls).

Results: In both groups, there was a correlation between the size of both ovaries and hyperinsulinaemia defined by the level of insulinaemia >100 mU/l in 75 g oral glucose load test. No correlation was found between the HOMA IR (P=0.045 vs 0.968) and the ovary volume; comparison of the groups showed that the value was significantly higher only in group II (P=0.005 vs P=0.218). There was no significant correlation between the number of ovary follicles and insulinaemia (for OGGT; P=0.740and HOMA IR; P=0.699). The mean level of androgenemia in groups I and II (FAI=12.44 vs 5.97 respectively) and the mean number of follicles in the right ovary (26.81 vs 17.89) were significantly higher in the group of adolescents with PCOS.

Conclusion: Our observations indicate that, in adolescents with hyperandrogenism, the size of the ovary rather than the number of follicles correlates considerably better with endocrine disorders, since androgens are produced in the interstitial ovary cells. It seems that hyperinsulinaemia is one of the most important factors determining the ovary size in adolescents. Evaluation of ovaries by the 3D ultrasound technique facilitates accurate measurement of the volume of the ovary and can be a useful tool for examination of girls with hyperandrogenism.

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