ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-3-814

ESPE2015 Poster Category 3 Endocrine Oncology (17 abstracts)

Results of GH Treatment in Childhood Brain Tumours Survivors

Nadia Mazerkina a , Sergey Gorelyshev a & Olga Geludkova b


aBurdenko Neurosurgery Institute, Moscow, Russia; bScientific Centre of Roentgen Radiology, Moscow, Russia

Background: GH deficiency is the most common endocrine disorder in childhood brain tumours survivors.

Objective and hypotheses: To examine results and safety of GH treatment in patients with childhood brain tumours.

Method: 118 patients (72 craniopharyngioma, 29 medulloblastoma, 17 germ cell tumours) received hGH in the dose 0.03–0.034 mg/kg per day for 2.3±0.8 years. The mean chronological age at the start of the treatment was 12.6±2 years, bone age 9.9±2.1 years, remission time 2.4±1.3 years, height SDS −2.8±1.2.

Results: Height SDS after the 1st year of treatment increased from −3.0 to −2.3 in patients with craniopharyngioma, from −3.5 to −2.8 in patients with germ cell tumors and from −2.2 to −2.1 in medulloblastoma patients. 37/118 (31%) achieved final adult height, and it was −0.2±1.2 in craniopharyngioma group, −1.1±1.0 in germ cell tumours group, −1.7±1.4 in medulloblastoma patients. The initial serum IGF1 was −2.1±0.9, and increased till −0.6±0.5 after 1 year treatment. Growth velocity was significantly (P<0.001) lower in patients received spinal irradiation (5.9±2.2 cm/year) then in patients who didn’t receive spinal irradiation (9.6±2.3 cm/year) and positively correlated with IGF1 level (r=0.41, P<0.05) Tumour recurrence occurred in 21/72 (29%) patients with craniopharyngioma, which was similar to untreated group. The were no tumour recurrence in patients with medulloblastoma and germ cell tumours during GH treatment. No significant adverse events were registered.

Conclusion: This data suggest that hGH treatment is effective and save treatment of GH deficiency in paediatric brain tumours survivors.

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