ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-3-929

Biochemical Profiles Differentials by SGA Children Catch Up

Ignacio Diez-Lopeza, Ainhoa Sarasua-Mirandaa, Marta del Hoyo-Morachoa, Raquel Gomez de Seguraa, Dorleta Pérez-Camposa, Maria Teresa Mararulla-Arenazab,c & Victor Manuel Rodriguez-Riverab,c

aUniversity Hospital of Alava, Vitoria, Spain; bGrupo Nutrición y Obesidad, Facultad de Farmacia, Vitoria, Spain; cCiberobn, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

Background: SGA cohort study in analytical and metabolic variables at 3 and 12 months of age with somatométrica situation.

Material and methods: Live births in singleton pregnancies in our hospital during 2012–2014, PEG were studied according EG and weight/height (Spanish Tablas 2008). Tours are conducted at 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 months, with measurements of weight, height and perimeter. Blood samples are obtained at least fasting discussed 4h and excess stored for further studies. Catch poor if P and/or T<P10 or Δ<0.5 SDS, catch faster if P and/or T>P75 or Δ>1 SDS. Methods IGF1 study (2013 – IMMULITE inmunoluminiscencia IRR WHO NIBSC 87/518), glucose/PCR Oquinasa ABBOT 2013, chemiluminescence insulin-ABBOT CMIA 2013, lipids Enzymatic CHOD-BAP 2013 ABBOT. Multivariate ANOVA study and test (X2) with a confidence interval of 95% is made. SPSS 19.0 for paired samples (P<0.05).

Initial results: 80 PEG recruited in 18 months (♂44, 55%). Cases at 3 months follow-up 74 cases (45 samples BQ) and at 12 months follow-up 48 patients (27 samples BQ). At 3 months catch up distribution under/normal/fast (8/40/26), at 12 months Distribution (4/13/10).

Table 1 (for abstract P3-929)
Age/study media (SDS)Normal catch-upLow catch upHigh catch upSignification
Age os study 3 mouth3 mouth3 mouth3 mouth
Glucose (mgrs/dl) 72 (8)58 (6)81 (5)0.01
Insulin (mCU/ml) 6 (1)4 (2)10 (3)0.03
PCR (mgrs/dl) 1.8 (0.5)1.1 (0.3)2.1 (0.6)0.55
LDL (mgrs/dl) 58 (8)49 (6)68 (10)0.04
IGF1 (ng/ml)38 (3)<2546 (8)0.01
Total cases (45)
Age os Study12 mouth12 mouth12 mouth12 mouth
Glucose (mgrs/dl) 80 (7)67 (6)95 (4)0.001
Insulin (mCU/ml) 9 (2)6 (2)15 (4)0.01
PCR (mgrs/dl) 1.5 (0.3)1.2 (0.2)5.8 (1.3)0.005
LDL (mgrs/dl) 74 (8)66 (5)88 (8)0.01
IGF1 (ng/ml)88 (7)35 (5)124 (18)0.0001
Total cases (27)

Conclusions: Although the power of the test is medium-low in a group and are not final data (12 months to catch up poor) differences between the different branches are evident, presenting the poor catch values of insulin, glucose, lipids and IGF1 below normal and fast catchp significantly higher, including PCR. These values could help to determine how early the possible behavior of a SGA. Somatometric child in the first months of life and/or demonstrate an early stage and changes in the metabolic profile of the same.

Funding: Pfizer International research grant was used to buy a personal computer and clinical facilities.

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