ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-3-964

Evaluation of the Facility of Use of a New GH Administration Device - Study DAGH2014

María José Rivero-Martína, Ana Ontañón-Nasarreb, María José Alcázar-Villara, America Carrasco-Torrentsb, Ana Andrés-Rosadob & David Montes-Benturaa

aPediatrics Department, University Hospital of Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain; bPharmacy Department, University Hospital of Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain

Background: One of the limiting factors in adherence to GH therapy, is satisfaction with the administration device used.

Objective and hypotheses: With the emergence of a new biosmiliar GH (BGH) administration device, we will assess the simplicity, ease of use, management and pain perceived by the patients.

Method: Prospective through survey caregivers and children treated with BGH at least for 6 months. Signed informed consent was required. The questionnaire consists of 13 questions analysing four components: preparation, fixing of the dose, injection of the medication and maintenance. The perception of pain was measured by visual analogue scale expressed in numerical score.

Results: 23 patients/caregivers were interviewed; The dose average receiving was 0.78 mg/day. 60.8% were female. three patients did not complete the second questionnaire. 33.3% of the patients increased their participation in the self-administration of medication 89.5% of the patients prefer the new device and 10.5% the old device. On the pain scale, the average score for the old device was 2.1 (maximum: 6; minimum: 0); in 75% of patients, the score was <2. With the new device the average scale was 1.7 and 80% of patients scored < 2 (P: ns)

Table 1 Shows the differences between old and new device responses (for abstract P3-964).
Old device n=23 New device n=20 P
General scale Very easy 56.5% Very easy 70% ns
Preparation (three questions) Very easy 55.1% Very easy 73.3% < 0.05
Fixing dose (three questions) Very easy 63.8% Very easy 70% ns
Injection (four questions) Very easy 46.7% Very easy 66.25% < 0.05
Maintenance (two questions) Very easy 69.6% Very easy 87.5% ns

Conclusion: The new device analysed has good acceptance among patients. Preparation and injection is easier with the new device. One of the most important effects is the increase in self-administration.

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