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55th Annual ESPE

Paris, France
10 Sep 2016 - 12 Sep 2016

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Prevention of childhood obesity

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Long-term Consequences of Childhood Obesity: The Impact of Genes and Lifestyle

Franks Paul

In most complex traits, susceptibility to certain risk exposures and response to clinical interventions in is under genetic control, a concept broadly termed “gene-environment interaction”. Although in animals and in plants there is evidence supporting this notion, in humans most evidence is confined to rare monogenic disorders. In complex diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity, interactions between genetic and environmental risk factors are likely to begin very e...

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Early Childhood Life Style Intervention and Obesity Outcome

Marcus Claude

Background: Treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity is rarely effective if “cure” i.e., BMI below the obesity range, is used as the definition of success. However, results of obesity treatment is much more effective if treatment is initiated in 6–7 years old children. It is therefore urgent to develop interventions for young children, both preventive and obesity treatment efforts. Results from such interventions as well as preliminary results from ongoing ...

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Childhood Obesity Prevention: What Do We Need and How Are We Doing? A European Perspective

Brug Johannes

The worldwide prevalence of overweight and obesity has been steadily increasing, also among children and adolescents, and has reached alarming pandemic proportions in Europe and elsewhere. Childhood overweight is a main predictor of adult overweight and obesity. Obesity treatment is largely ineffective, and a still stronger focus on primary prevention is needed. Such prevention should take a population and a life course approach and should focus on promoting healthy energy bal...