ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P1-134

A RCT Comparing the Effect of Three Different Vitamin D Supplementation Regimens on Se 25 OH Vit D in Asymptomatic Vit D Deficient Children

Anna Simon, P Pragathesh & Leena Priyambada

Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Background: Vitamin D plays a significant role in musculoskeletal health and various extraskeletal functions making the prevention and treatment of this vitamin (now considered as a hormone) of utmost importance. Literature on requirement/supplementation of vitamin D in asymptomatic children is scarce and this study was an attempt to see the effect of three different doses of cholecalciferol supplementation regimens in children with asymptomatic vitamin D deficiency.

Objective and hypotheses: To compare the efficacy in raising Se 25OH Vit D levels and the side effects of three different vitamin D supplementation protocols. Also, to analyse if BMI influenced Vit D levels after supplementation.

Method: Asymtomatic Vit D deficient children were recruited and randomized into three groups to receive oral cholecalciferol for 6 weeks. The three different schedules were 6000 units daily, 10 000 units daily or 60 000 unit every week. Se calcium, Se phosphorous, S alkaline phosphatase, Se PTH, and Se 25OHD were obtained at the time of recruitment, 8 weeks and 14 weeks after recruitment. Urine spot calcium/creatinine ratio were done at the third week, eighth week and 14th week after the initiation of supplementation.

Results: Baseline characters at enrolment such as sex ratio and mean age were similar among the three groups. The BMI centiles were comparable among two groups, but was higher in one group. Baseline Se calcium, phosphate and PTH were similar among the groups. At 8 weeks, all three treatment protocols showed approximately fourfold rise in mean Se 25OHD level from the baseline. The Se 25OHD level at 14 weeks were also comparable among the groups with a decline in values after cessation of supplementation. But the decline was lesser with the weekly higher dosing schedule.

Conclusion: All three regimens had equal efficacy in raising 25OH Vit D, though the decline was lesser with the weekly higher dose schedule. There were no hypervitaminosis D documented.

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