ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P1-457

aInstitute of Maternal and Child Research (IDIMI), University of Chile, Santiago, Chile; bInstitute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA), University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

Background: Premature adrenarche (PA) has been considered a benign condition. Recently, associations with an increased metabolic risk have arisen. This risk may depend on ethnic background and infancy weight gain, which could be different by gender.

Objective and hypotheses: To determine whether PA in children at pubertal onset (TII) determines a higher metabolic profile.

Methods: 1190 children (49.9% female) from the longitudinal cohort (Growth and Obesity Cohort Study) were followed from 2006 and undergone every 6 months a clinical evaluation and a complete metabolic profile. PA was defined by DHEAS (RIA, μg/dl) >75th percentile for each gender (girls>42.0 and boys>45.1 at age 6.8±0.6 year). TII was defined by telarche in girls and testicular volume ≧3 cc in boys. Statistics: Generalized linear models and survival analysis were used to assess the relation between PA and anthropometric and metabolic profile at TII, adjusting by chronologic age at DHEAS sampling and BMI.

Results: At TII, children who developed PA (PA+) were taller and had higher BMI vs without PA (PA-). Boys PA+ had higher leptin levels (Table 1). In girls, higher DHEAS levels were associated with higher IGF-I levels (P<0.05). No differences were observed in insulin, glycemia, adiponectin, lipid profile, usCRP and visfatin.

Table 1.
Girls PA+Girls PA−Boys PA+Boys PA−
Leptin (ng/ml)12.9±8.912.7±8.115.3±8.712.2±8.6
IGF-I (ng/ml)243±62233±70209±59200±58

Conclusions: Children with PA were taller and had higher BMI; boys had higher leptin levels and girls higher IGF-I, but not to a disadvantageous metabolic profile at TII. Follow-up of this cohort is necessary to address prospectively the interrelationships of PA, early growth and adiposity as markers of metabolic risk (Fondecyt 1140447 & 1120326, WCRF:2010/245).

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