ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P1-831

Peadiatric Department, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

Objective: To assess the serum levels of IL-6, TNF-a and Omentin-1 in girls with Turner Syndrome (TS) and to analyze their association with FPG, FINS, TC, TG, HDL-c, LDL-c, and BMISDS.

Methods: In total of 33 TS girls aged (12.8±3.9) yr and 33 age-matched normal girls aged (12.6±3.7) yr were recruited in the study. Height (Ht) and Weight (Wt) were measured; FPG, FINS, TC, TG, HDL-c, LDL-c, IGF-1 and E2 were also measured; BMI and BMISDS were calculated. Serum IL-6, TNF-a were tested by CBA method and serum omentin-1 were tested by ELISA method.

Results: In TS group, BMI and BMISDS are greater than that in control group (all P<0.05), and the levels of TC, LDL-c, IL-6, TNF-a, omentin-1 are higher than that in control group (all P<0.05). IGF-1 and E2 levels are lower than those in control group (all P<0.01) (details in table 1). There is no statistically different of FINS, FPG and HOMA-IR between the two groups. IL-6 is positively correlated with BMISDS and TNF-a (rs=0.292, P<0.05; rs=0.565, P<0.001); TNF-a is positively correlated with BMISDS (rs=0.420, P=0.001); omentin-1 was positively correlated with BMISDS (rs=0.322, P<0.05).

Table 1. Comparison of the IL-6, TNF-a, Omentin-1 and associated parameters in TS group and control group (ā±s).
ParametersTS groupControl groupP value
Age (yr)12.8±3.812.7±3.7>0.05
Body height (cm)126.4±13.2143.2±17.50.000
Body weight (Kg)28.0±7.734.8±11.00.000
BMI (kg/m2)17.2±2.216.1±1.90.008
IGF-1 (ng/ml)191.5±90.6331.1±172.50.001
FINS (μu/ml)6.5±1.46.6±1.4>0.05
FPG (mmol/L)4.7±0.44.6±0.3>0.05
TC (mmol/L)4.5±0.74.1±0.40.007
TG (mmol/L)1.0±0.50.9±0.3>0.05
HDL-c (mmol/L)1.4±0.31.4±0.2>0.05
LDL-c (mmol/L)2.8±0.62.5±0.20.014
E2 (pg/ml)10.4±1.134.4±18.50.002
IL-6 (pg/ml)2.7±2.11.2±0.90.000
TNF-a (pg/ml)0.9±0.80.4±0.50.004
Omentin-1 (ng/ml)1.6±1.20.9±1.70.008

Conclusions: Serum levels of IL-6, TNF-a, Omentin-1, TC, and LDL-c are increased in girls with TS. Further investigation is needed to illustrate the relationship among these factors and the metabolic disorders in TS patients.

Keywords: IL-6; TNF-a; Omenitn-1; Turner syndrome; Children and adolescents

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