ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P2-275

Pancreatic Reserve and Metabolic Control of Type 1 Diabetes in a Cohort of Spanish Children and Adolescent

María Laura Bertholt Zubera, María Cristina Luzuriaga Tomása, Jesús Andrés de Llanob, Concepción Freijo Martína & Cristina Naranjo Gonzáleza

aHospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla, Santander, Cantabria, Spain; bHospital Río Carrión, Palencia, Palencia, Spain

Objective: To evaluate the pancreatic reserve and metabolic control in our patient diagnosed of type 1 diabetes over the last 20 years.

Method: Retrospective cohort study of all patients <15 years, diagnosed in our community between 01/01/1995 and 31/12/2014. Variables: gender, age at diabetes debut, age at study, c-peptide after stimulation with glucagon at debut and 1 month after, HbA1c at debut, 1 month, 1 year, 2 years, 5 and 10 years of debut. Comparison between groups.

Results: Two hundred and seven patients: 51% female. Average age at debut of diabetes 8.8±3.7 years: 0–4 years 16%, 5–9 years 38%, 10–14 years 4%. Average HbA1c at debut was 11.5%, it was higher in older children (P<0.001). Average c-peptide after stimulation with glucagon at debut moment 0.9 ng/ml (0–4 years 0.60, 5–9 years 0.91, 10–14 years 0.98). Average c-peptide after stimulation with glucagon 1 month after debut 0.8 ng/ml (0–4 years 0.53, 5–9 years 0.72, 10–14 years 0.85), statistically significant differences between groups: lower in younger children (P<0.001). Average age at study moment 18.4±7.3 years, evolution of diabetes 9.4±6.1 years. Average HbA1c, 1 year of diabetes 7.0±0.9% (n=195), 2 years of diabetes 7.3±1.0% (182), 5 years of diabetes 7.5±0.8% (n=120), 10 years of diabetes 7.6±0.8% (n=34). Group comparison: statistically significant differences after 5 years (P=0.043), higher in group: 10–14 years at debut.

Conclusion: The older children have higher HbA1c and pancreatic reserve (c-peptide) at debut of diabetes type 1. At 5 years of diabetes the HbA1c is higher in children that had 10–14 years at debut moment. The children of our community have a quite good metabolic control, with average HbA1c around 7.5% along the last 20 years.

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