ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 WG3.3

The Added Value of Experience Based Coaching and the Outcomes for Women with Turner Syndrome in the Netherlands

Helen Mijnarends

Maastricht, The Netherlands

To support people with chronic diseases in labour, reïntegration or participation, the Dutch Centre of Chronic Illness and Work developed a certification programme for professional experienced based coaching for patient support organisations. This 8-month during programme combines professional aid and peer-support for a diversity of chronic diseases. Experience based coaching is innovative and can assist patients emotionally by supporting them with coping and accepting their limitations. In my presentation I will explain this method and emphasize the differences and advantages of experience based coaching in comparison with other professional coaches and counselors. Since the introduction of this programme in 2014, 4 women with Turner syndrome (TS) were certified in the Netherlands. These coaches supported about 50 women with TS (age 15–60 years). These women were referred for peer-coaching because they experienced difficulties at school, study or during their work. Most commonly, problems were due to a low self-esteem, uncertainty and pleasing-behavior. Self-acceptance, empowerment, assertiveness and self-management are therefore the keystones in our coaching. Our self-management-course is a major support for a lot of women with TS because of its targeted and actionable approach. Women with TS function at similar occupational levels in comparison with other women. However, they retire at earlier age and often have difficulties in keeping a positively challenging job. I supported about 10 adult women with TS who couldn’t confirm to the job-requirements. I coached them in order to get adjustments in tasks or to find another job which was more suitable. As a Turner-woman myself, I know the struggles and challenges we have to deal with in different phases of our lives. I can offer professional advice as well as trust and support. When I started this coaching (2 years ago) I had never thought it would give me so much pleasure and satisfaction.

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