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57th Annual ESPE

Athens, Greece
27 Sep 2018 - 29 Sep 2018

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ESPE 2018 57th European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology Annual Meeting 27-29 September 2018 Athens, Greece

Poster Presentations

Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty P3

Infant with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Panhypopituitarism: A Case Report
University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Post-Traumatic Hypopituitarism Caused by Pituitary Stalk Transection
aDepartment of Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology, Chair of Pediatrics, Medical College, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland; bDepartment of Radiology, University Children Hospital, Cracow, Poland
Invasive Macroprolactinoma with Cabergoline Induced Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhoea in Childhood
aEndocrinology Department, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK; bRadiology Department, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK; cNeurosurgery Department Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK; dDepartment of Neurology and Neurosurgery University College London Hospital, London, UK; eDepartment of Endocrinology, William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
An Interesting Etiology in Childhood Central Diabetes Insipidus HIBERNOMA
aDepartment of Pediatric Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, Ufuk University, Ankara, Turkey; bDepartment of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ufuk University, Ankara, Turkey
MRI Changes in Time after Cranial Irradiation, and their Relation with Pituitary Function in Survivors of Childhood Medulloblastoma
aUniversity Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands; bAcademic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; cUniversity Medical Center, Groningen, The Netherlands; dRadboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; eMaastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands; fErasmus Medical Center – Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; gVrije Universiteit University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Two Identical Twins … But not in Everything. A Difficult Diagnosis
Vita Salute San Raffaele University – Pediatric Department San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, Italy
Growth Hormone Deficit Associated to Complex Arteriovenous Malformation - Case Report
University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘V. Babes’ – Department of Pediatrics, Timisoara, Romania
Does Acquired Hypothyroidism Lead to Precocious Puberty?
aSakarya University Research and Training Hospital, Sakarya, Turkey; bSakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey
Analysis of Influencing Factors on Bone Maturation in Girls with Central Precocious Puberty (CPP)
Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Kyungpook Nat’l Univ, Kyungpook Nat’l Univ Hosp, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Distinct Presentations of McCune Albright Syndrome, Report of Two Cases
aKoç University, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, İstanbul, Turkey; bAcıbadem Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey. cİntergen Genetic Diagnosis Center, Ankara, Turkey
A Case of Atypical McCune-Albright Syndrome with Vaginal Bleeding
School of Medicine Brawijaya University, Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang, Indonesia
Evaluation of Cases with Pubertal Gynecomastia
aHitit University, Erol Olçok Education and Research Hospital, Pediatric Endocrinology Department, Çorum, Turkey; bHitit University, Scholl of Medicine, Biostatistics Department, Çorum, Turkey
A Case of Central Diabetes Insipidus Developed 4 Years after the Non-CNS-Risk Unifocal Bone Lesion of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
aDepartment of Pediatrics, Musashino Red Cross Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; bDepartment of Pediatrics, Tokyo-Kita Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan; cDepartment of Pediatrics and Developmental Biology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan; dDepartment of Pediatrics, Jichi Medical University of Medicine, Shimotsuke, Japan
Morning Basal Luteinizing Hormone, A Good Screening Tool for Diagnosing Central Precocious Puberty
National health insurance ilsan hospital, Ilsan, Republic of Korea
A 2-Year-Old Boy with Epiphysis Tumor and Precocious Puberty
Krasnoyarsk Science Centre of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Central Precocious Puberty as a Result of Hypotalamus Hamartoma
Krasnoyarsk Science Centre of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Precocious Puberty as a Result of Ectopic Hormone-Producing Tumor
Krasnoyarsk Science Centre of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Premature Adrenarche and Pseudohypoparathyroidism - Mechanistically Linked or Coincidence?
aRoyal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, UK; bBristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol, UK
GLP-1 Receptor Agonist in a Patient with Craniopharyngioma-Related Obesity
aPediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology Unit, Service of Pediatrics, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland; bDepartment of Clinical Neurosciences, Neurosurgery Service and Gamma Knife Center. Centre hospitalier universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
Congenital Hypopituitarism Associated with Complex Cranio-Vertebral Junction Anomalies
aDepartment of Human Pathology of Adulthood and Childhood, Messina, Italy; bGrande Ospedale Metropolitano Bianchi Melacrino Morelli, Reggio Calabria, Italy
Two Cases of Non-syndromic Congenital Unilateral Hypoplasia in One Family
aUniversity Children’s Hospital, Skopje, Macedonia, the former Republic of Yugoslav; bTechnical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
Klinefelter Syndrome with Ambiguous Genitalia in a Child
aAirlangga University School of Medicine, Surabaya, Indonesia; bDr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia
The Change in Growth's Velocity in Patients with Premature Puberty Receiving Treatment with Analogues of Lyuliberin
aNorth-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation; bChildren’s endocrinology center, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
The Efficacy of Treatment in Vietnamese Children with Central Precocious Puberty
aChildren Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam; bUniveristy of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
The Characteristics of Central Precocious Puberty at Children's Hospital 2 in Vietnam
Univerisity of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
SIG (Special Interest Group)-ENDOPED/RUTE (Brazil): Seven Years Integrating Pediatric Endocrinology Centers throughout the Country
aFederal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, Brazil; bFederal University of Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, Brazil; cUniversidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil; dUniversidade de Brasília (UnB), Brasilia, Brazil; eUniversidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), Curitiba, Brazil; fIrmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre (ISCMPA), Porto Alegre, Brazil; gInstituto da Criança - Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; hFaculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto - USP, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil; iInstituto da Criança com Diabetes, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Central Precocious Puberty Appeared in Infancy Period in a Patient of Sotos Syndrome
aAnkara University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Ankara, Turkey; bİntergen Genetic Center, Ankara, Turkey
Clinical and Endocrinological Manifestations of Partial Ectopic Posterior Pituitary: A New Imaging Entity
aSainte Justine University Hospital Research Center - University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada; bNational Institute of Scientific Research - Institute Armand Frappier - University of Quebec, Laval, Canada; cDepartment of Radiology, McGill Health Centre, Montreal, Canada; dDepartment of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology, McGill Health Centre, Montreal, Canada; eDepartment Radiology, McGill Health Centre, Montreal Children’s Hospital Site, Montreal, Canada