ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P1-152

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Microalbuminuria and Glomerular Filtration Rate in SGA Born Young Adults

Wesley Goedegebuure & Anita Hokken-Koelega

Erasmus Medical Center – Sophia Childrens Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Background: Following Barker’s hypothesis on fetal growth retardation, low birth weight and being born small for gestational age (SGA) might be linked to fewer glomeruli which influences adult disease. Growth hormone (GH) treatment leads to a greater kidney length and total kidney volume, as well as a higher glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Microalbuminuria, defined as more than 20 mg/l albumin in random urine sample, is a marker for renal diseases and is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Effect of GH-treatment, SGA birth and catch-up growth on renal albumin excretion are lacking.

Methods: Kidney function and blood pressure was assessed in 50 young adults born SGA, who received treatment during childhood (SGA-GH) and compared with that of 34 young adults with spontaneous catch-up growth after SGA birth (SGA-CU), 30 adolescents who remained short (SGA-S) and 50 adolescents born appropriate for gestational age (AGA) with a normal adult height. We measured urine albumin and creatinine levels and we measured creatinine levels in serum. We calculated GFR values and compared all values between the four groups.

Results: Mean age of the participants was 20.9 (1.8) years. Mean albumin levels in urine were 9.9 mg/l in SGA-GH, 6.1 mg/l in SGA-S, 6.6 mg/l in SGA-CU and 12.6 mg/l in AGA (P=0.400). Estimated GFR-values were 107.6 ml/min in SGA-GH, 111.4 ml/min in SGA-S, 108.9 ml/min in SGA-CU and 102.5 ml/min in AGA (P=0.355). Mean systolic blood pressure (P=0.124) and diastolic blood pressure (P=0.701) was similar in all groups and within the normal ranges. No significant correlation was found between change in height SDS from birth to adult height and kidney function parameters.

Conclusion: Our results show that none of the groups had microalbuminuria. Being born SGA and experiencing catch-up growth, spontaneous or due to GH-treatment, does not negatively influence kidney function and blood pressure in young adults.

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