ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-054

Growth in The Coeliac Disease of The Child

Mimouna Bessahraoui & Nassima Oussaleh

University of Medecine, Oran, Algeria

The aim of the present study was to evaluate growth of celiac disease (CD) patients. Subjects and methods: Growth was assessed by:

-Longitudinal study of growth CD patients compared with the subjects studied by Sempé, Pédron.

-Semi longitudinal case-control study. Controls were the brothers and sisters CD patients.

Results: 1. Growth was significantly more delayed in CD patients (103 girls,92 boys) than in Sempé, Pédron subjects. However, evident catch-up growth was noted between 18 and 21 years age. 2. The growth speed was less important during puberty compared to Sempé, Pédron subjects. After 18 age, our CD patients was continued their growth in time where Sempé, Pédron subjects finished their growth. 3. When CD was associated with Diabete type 1, growth was significantly more delayed than in the CD isolated or diabetes patients isolated. 4. The semi-longitudinal study: The mean adult height was: 158, 42±6, 3 cm (269 women CD) vs 162, 17±6, 3 cm (193 controls: P<0, 0001). The mean adult height was 170, 28±7, 5 cm (194 men CD) and 172, 53±6.8 cm (200 controls: P < 0.09).

Conclusion: Growth, and adult Height are delayed especially in the CD girls. Among the factors influencing growth, there the auto immuns diseases associated.

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