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Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Battery Powered and Manual Toothbrush in Removal of a Dental Plaque for Good Oral Hygiene in Adolesents with Over-Weight

Recep Orbak a & Zerrin Orbak b

aAtaturk University Dental Faculty Department of Periodontology, Erzurum, Turkey; bAtaturk University Medical Faculty Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Erzurum, Turkey

Objective: Dental plaque removal is an important factor in preventing periodontal diseases and caries. Tooth brushing remains the most reliable method of controlling dental plaque. The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of plaque control performed with a battery powered and manual toothbrushes in over-weight adolescents.

Materials and methods: The twenty two adolesents with over-weight were attended in this study. These patients were divided into two groups by randomly method (such as study and control). The study group; using a battery powered toothbrush twice a day, the control group; using manuel toothbrush twice a day. Plaque was scored after brushing at the baseline of the study and three months later, using Patient Hygiene Performance (PHP). Statistical analysis was performed by Paired samples t-test and Independent samples t-test.

Results: According to statistical analysis of the obtained results, both toothbrushes mean differences between baseline and post-brushing plaque scores decreased. Especially in the lingual surfaces of the teeth and in the posterior regions of molar teeth, battery powered toothbrush was more active in over-weight adolescents (P<0.01).

Conclusion: Battery powered toothbrushes should be recommended to provide good oral hygiene in overweight adolescents (just like people with disabilities and orthodontic patients).

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