ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-239

Pharmacoeconomic and Adherence Analysis in Growth Hormone According to Galenic Presentation: In Vivo Study vs In Vitro

Ignacio Diez-Lopeza,b, Ainhoa Sarasuaa, Isabel Lorentea, Ana Cristinaa Minguezc & Carlos Martinezc

aPeadiatric Endocrinology - HU Araba, Vitoria, Spain; bDepartament Peadiatric - Basque Country University - UPV/EHU, Vitoria, Spain; cFarmacology Departamet HU Araba, Vitoria, Spain

Currently in Spain, treatment with GH is approved for hospital use with different formulations (JM), multidose vials (VM) and systems with electronic self-injection devices (DE). The long-term treatments, involves the lack of adherence to GH in pediatric patients, it has been estimated a lack of adherence between 5 and 82%. The main objective of this study is to perform a comparative analysis of costs and product loss among the different GH presentations approved in Spain in pediatric patients. The secondary objective is to observe differences in efficacy in GH treatment, based on the differences in the prescribed and dispensed doses detected according to presentation. It is compared with the in vitro study of the ISCIII (IPE Report 2013/70). A retrospective, observational study in which a comparative analysis of the doses and costs of GH prescribed by the endocrinologist and that dispensed in the pharmacy service was carried out over 12 months. Variables: sex, age pathology levels of IGF-1. IMMULITE 2000 IGF-1. PIL2KGF-17 The economic impact of administering the total mg prescribed using exclusively each of the GH presentations was estimated. test (X2) for paired samples (n <30). Difference between the dose of GH prescribed and that dispensed in the pharmacy service according to (1A) the GH presentations used and according to (1B) the pathology for which the treatment is prescribed. The presentation of GH with which the prescribed mgs are closer to those dispensed is that of JM (Genotonorm), followed very closely by the DE (Saizen). The one with which a greater difference is obtained with the VM formulations. Adherence data according to indication and galenic formula are also presented. Estimated loss of mgrs dispensed from 7,536 euros/year (economic impact) considering the exclusive use of each of the GH presentations with less loss. The study coincides with in vitro results IPE Report 2013/70.

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