hrp0082p2-d1-566 | Sex Development | ESPE2014

The Research About sf1 Gene Abnormality in 45 Children with Micropenis

Li Pin , Gong Yan , Zhuzhi Ying

Background: Micropenis are the most common signs of incomplete masculinisation, but do not receive enough attention. The etiology is very complex, including endocrine factors, genetic factors and environmental endocrine disruptors.Objective and hypotheses: To explore 45 cases of micropenis children steroidogenesis factor 1 genetic abnormalities and to research the influence of the mutation on sex gland function.Method: 45 micropeni...

hrp0092p3-195 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2019

Changes of Serum 25OHD Levels in Girls with Different Types of Central Precocious Puberty and Clinical Significance

Xu Liya , Li Pin , Gong Yan , Guo Sheng

Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Shanghai Children's Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, ChinaAbstract Withdrawn...

hrp0094p2-379 | Pituitary, neuroendocrinology and puberty | ESPE2021

An Observational, Retrospective Study to Evaluate Long Term Safety and Effectiveness of Leuprorelin in the Treatment of Central Precocious Puberty

Fu Junfen , Dong Guanping , Li Pin , Gong Yan , Yang Yu , Yang Li , Gu Wei , Yuan Xuewen , Luo Xiaoping , Hou Ling , Zhong Yan , You Cheng , Wang Winston , Guo Ziheng ,

Objectives: To describe safety and effectiveness of high (≥90-180 µg/kg) and low (<90-30 µg/kg) dose leuprorelin in treating central precocious puberty (CPP).Methods: In this observational, retrospective study, effectiveness was evaluated based on regression or no progression of Tanner staging as the primary outcomes. LH, FSH, estradiol or testosterone suppression, and decrease in bone age to chronolo...