hrp0095fc1.5 | Thyroid | ESPE2022

Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Incident Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults: Results from a Nationwide Representative Prospective Study

Hirtz Raphael , Hölling Heike , Grasemann Corinna

Background: While the relationship between subclinical hypothyroidism and major depressive disorder (MDD) has been studied in adults in cross-sectional and prospective population-based studies, this has not yet been done in adolescents. However, since thyroid function and MDD risk are subjected to maturational processes and ramifications of illness duration over the life span, these findings may not readily transfer to adolescents.<stron...

hrp0097fc14.2 | Late Breaking | ESPE2023

New Reference Values for Thyroid Volume by Ultrasound in German Children and Adolescents Under Iodine-Sufficient Conditions From a Nationwide Study

Hirtz Raphael , Thamm Roma , Kuhnert Ronny , Grasemann Corinna

Introduction: Reliable reference values for thyroid ultrasound measurements are essential to effectively guide individual diagnostics and direct health care measures at the population level, such as iodine fortification programs. However, the latest reference values for total thyroid volume (Tvol) provided by the WHO in 2004 are only applicable to the 6 to 12-year-old age group. Moreover, these values are derived from countries with a long history of iodine su...

hrp0089p1-p008 | Adrenals and HPA Axis P1 | ESPE2018

Impact of Puberty on Final Height in Children and Adolescents with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)

Rohayem Julia , Schreiner Felix , Riedl Stefan , Voss Egbert , Wolf Johannes , Grasemann Corinna , Fink Katharina , Mohnicke Klaus

Introduction: An optimized replacement regimen with glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids in subjects with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) aims at preventing life-threatening salt wasting and adrenal crises, virilization and pubertal precocity, and at enabling normal linear growth.Aims: We investigated puberty and its impact on final height in children and adolescents with CAH.Patients and Methods: In a cohort of post-pubesce...

hrp0097rfc14.2 | Late Breaking | ESPE2023

No Relationship Between Thyroid Function and ADHD – Results From a Nationwide Prospective Epidemiological Study and Mendelian Randomization

Hirtz Raphael , Grasemann Corinna , Dinkelbach Lars , Hinney Anke , Hebebrand Johannes , Peters Triinu

Introduction: Limited research has focused on the potential connection between thyroid function and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), particularly beyond prenatal effects. The few studies addressing children and adolescents have important methodological shortcomings, mainly when seeking to establish causality. To clarify this relationship, a combined epidemiological and genetic approach was adopted to overcome the methodological limitations of e...

hrp0095p1-161 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2022

Causal Effect of Age at Menarche on the Risk for Depression: Results from a Two-Sample Multivariable Mendelian Randomization Study

Hirtz Raphael , Hars Christine , Naaresh Roaa , Hergen Laabs Björn , Antel Jochen , Grasemann Corinna , Hinney Anke , Hebebrand Johannes , Peters Triinu

Background: A fair number of epidemiological studies suggest that age at menarche (AAM) is associated with depression, but the reported effect sizes are small, and there is evidence of residual confounding. Moreover, previous Mendelian randomization (MR) studies to avoid inferential problems inherent to epidemiological studies have provided mixed findings.Methods: To clarify the causal relationship between age at menarch...

hrp0086lbp7 | (1) | ESPE2016

Loss of Functional Osteoprotegerin: More than a Skeletal Problem

Grasemann Corinna , Unger Nicole , Hovel Matthias , Arweiler-Harbeck Diana , Lausch Ekkehart , Meissner Thomas , Hauffa Berthold P. , Shaw Nick

Background: Juvenile Pagets disease (JPD), an ultra-rare, debilitating bone disease stemming from unopposed RANKL action due to loss of functional osteoprotegerin (OPG) is caused by recessive mutations in TNFRSF11B. A genotype-phenotype correlation spanning from mild to very severe forms is described.Objective and hypotheses: To describe the complexity of the human phenotype of OPG deficiency in more detail and to investigate heterozygous mutation carrie...

hrp0097t20 | Section | ESPE2023

Hyperparathyroidism is associated with inferior event free survival in lymphatic childhood malignancies in a single center retrospective analysis

Grasemann Corinna , Höppner Jakob , Tippelt Stephan , Grabow Desiree , Cario Gunnar , Zimmermann Martin , Reinhardt Dirk , M Schündeln Michael

Introduction: Vitamin D status is investigated as a modifier for the risk and course of multiple malignant diseases. Findings point towards a detrimental role of low vitamin D levels for event free and overall survival (EFS/OS). However, vitamin D deficiency is often associated with secondary hyperparathyroidism, which may influence EFS/OS in childhood malignancies.Methods: Real world data from 1547 cases (873 male) of c...

hrp0095rfc3.5 | Early Life and Multisystem Endocrinology | ESPE2022

Chronotropic Insufficiency impairs Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Boys and Adolescents with Klinefelter Syndrome

Spiekermann Julia , Höppner Jakob , Sinningen Kathrin , Hanusch Beatrice , Brinkmann Folke , Schündeln Michael M. , Kleber Michaela , Kiewert Cordula , Grasemann Corinna

Background: Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is associated with an increased metabolic and cardiovascular risk profile1,2 and a metabolic syndrome is evident at a prepubertal age in 10% of the affected boys. Boys with KS tend to avoid competitive sports and describe themselves as ‘not good at sports’. Cardiopulmonary fitness in adults with KS has been found to be compromised by chronotropic insufficiency (CI) and a reduced maximal oxygen uptake...

hrp0094p1-187 | Pituitary B | ESPE2021

The Adrenal Steroid Profile in Adolescent Depression: A Valuable Bio-Readout?

Hirtz Raphael , Libuda Lars , Hinney Anke , Focker Manuel , Judith Buhlmeier , Holterhus Paul-Martin , Kulle Alexandra , Kiewert Cordula , Hauffa Berthold , Hebebrand Johannes , Grasemann Corinna ,

Background: There is preliminary evidence that adrenal steroids other than cortisol may be valuable biomarkers for major depressive disorder (MDD). So far, studies have been conducted in adults only, and conclusions are limited, mainly due to small sample sizes. Therefore, the present study was intended to assess whether adrenal steroids (progesterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, 21-deoxycortisol, 11-deoxycortisol, cortisol, cortisone, deoxycorticosterone, cortico...

hrp0094p2-370 | Pituitary, neuroendocrinology and puberty | ESPE2021

Size Matters: CAG Repeat Length of the Androgen Receptor Gene, Testosterone, and Male Adolescent Depression Severity

Hirtz Raphael , Libuda Lars , Hinney Anke , Focker Manuel , Buhlmeier Judith , Antel Jochen , Holterhus Paul-Martin , Kulle Alexandra , Kiewert Cordula , Hebebrand Johannes , Grasemann Corinna ,

Background: There is a distinct increase in the prevalence of depression with the onset of puberty. The role of peripubertal testosterone levels in boys in this context is insufficiently understood. Moreover, the number of CAG repeats of the androgen receptor gene (AR) and the depression status (subclinical vs. overt depression) may modulate the role of testosterone, but this has not yet been studied in a clinical sample.Methods:...