hrp0095p1-245 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2022

Analysis of peripheral nerve conduction function and its influencing factors in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Zhang Lina , Liang Liyang , Song Qingfang , Meng Zhe , Liu Zulin , Hou Lele , He Zhanwen , Huang Siqi

Objective: To explore the status and the main influencing factors of peripheral nerve conduction dysfunction in Chinese children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM).Methods: Nerve electrophysiological indicators including amplitude, latency and conduction velocity of median nerve, ulnar nerve, superficial peroneal nerve, sural nerve, common peroneal nerve and tibial nerve were collected, and the results ...

hrp0082p2-d2-427 | Growth Hormone (1) | ESPE2014

Effects and Safety of Recombinant Human GH in GH Deficient Children with Rathke Cyst

Liang Liyang , Zhang Lina , Meng Zhe , Ou Hui , He Zhanwen , Hou Lele , Li Dongfang , Li Pinggan , Luo Xiangyang

Objective: To assess the effects and safety of recombinant human GH (rhGH) in GH deficient (GHD) children with Rathke cyst.Methods: The clinical data of 12 GHD children aged from 5–12 years old, whose radiologic diagnosis showed Rathke cyst during Jan 2010–Dec 2012 in our hospital, were analyzed retrospectively. rhGH was given subcutaneously to each enrolled child with a night dose of 0.1 IU/kg six to seven times a week for 12–30 months. T...