hrp0094p2-463 | Thyroid | ESPE2021

The use of intravenous introduction of glucocorticoids in the active stage of graves’ ophthalmopathy in childhood. Clinical Case

Ivannikova Tatiana , Nagaeva Elena , Bezlepkina Olga

Clinical case: A 17-year-old patient was observed with a diagnosis of GD in October 2016. When the patient was examined in the hormonal profile there were hyperthyroidism, a high titer of antibodies to the TSH receptor, in connection of which thyrostatic therapy initiated. In dynamics since November 2018 there has been a pronounced increase in the total volume of the thyroid gland. Firstly she was examined at the Endocrinology Research Center in October 2019...

hrp0092p1-69 | Fetal, Neonatal Endocrinology and Metabolism (to include Hypoglycaemia) | ESPE2019

Molecular Mechanisms of Idiopathic Ketotic Hypoglycemia in Children

Ivannikova Tatiana , Milovanova Natalya , Zakharova Ekaterina , Gubayeva Dilyara , Kareva Maria , Melikyan Maria

Idiopathic Ketotic Hypoglycemia (IKH) is the most common non-iatrogenic cause of hypoglycemia in children beyond infancy. The severity of the symptoms and frequency of hypoglycemic episodes may vary among the patients. The etiology of IKH is unclear; disturbances in gluconeogenesis, glycolysis and glycogenolysis were regarded as possible causes. Familial IKH recurrence is often observed, suggesting a genetic basis of glucose homeostasis dysregulation.We ...