hrp0094p1-22 | Diabetes A | ESPE2021

Early meal reporting enhances post-prandial glycaemic balance but remains underused in teenagers with artificial pancreas

Villeneuve Emma , Lachal Sylvain , Charpentier Guillaume , Franc Sylvia , Tourki Yousra ,

Background and aims: In an artificial pancreas, the meal management depends on the meal size and time being reported to the system. Because of the delay of insulin action, it is recommended to declare a meal in advance to allow insulin to limit the glycaemic peak. We aim to assess if the post-prandial glycaemic balance improves as meals are reported in advance.Clinical dataset: As part of Diabeloop DBLUS clinical trial (NCT04190277), 37 ...

hrp0094p2-128 | Diabetes and insulin | ESPE2021

Daily Meal Size Variation Does Not Affect Glycemic Control In T1D Adolescent Patients Equipped With The Closed Loop DBLG1 System

Gimenez Paul , Lachal Sylvain , Tourki Yousra , Franc Sylvia , Charpentier Guillaume , Beltrand Jacques , Le Tallec Claire , Benhamou Pierre-Yves ,

The aim of this study was to assess the impact of meal size on glycemic control for T1D adolescent patients equipped with Diabeloop’s Closed Loop, DBLG1 System[1], based on data from the clinical trial NCT04190277. Among this dataset we isolated 37 adolescents. Only days with ≥70% available CGM data and >50% of time in closed-loop were included in the analysis, resulting in an average duration of 18 days per patient for a total of 668 days of treatment. To asses...