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Auxological Pattern, BMI and Endocrine Follow Up in Children with Congenital Hypothiroidism: the Data of the Pediatric Clinic of Palermo

Maggio Maria Cristina , Mineo Mariagrazia Irene , Maltese Marilena , Corsello Giovanni

Background: Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) has a high incidence, with a local increase in our screening relieves in the last years.Objective and hypotheses: An accurate follow up and an appropriate treatment guarantee an adequate neurological and auxological development.Method: We describe the personal report of 74 children (27 males and 43 females) with CH, diagnosed by neonatal screening and followed for 8.5±5.3 years.<p...

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Bmi and Auxological Follow Up in Children with Hashimoto Thyroiditis: Utility of a Phisical Activity Program

Corsello Giovanni , Maltese Marilena , Mineo Mariagrazia Irene , Maggio Maria Cristina

Background: Hashimoto thyroiditis (HT) is the most frequent acquired thyroid disease in childhood and adolescence. However it can evolve silently also for a long period, without signs and/or symptoms evocative of the diagnosis.Objective and hypotheses: A late diagnosis can reduce growth velocity, increase weight and particularly BMI, with an increased risk of obesity in pubertal age.Method: We analyzed 39 patients (age: 11.3±3...