hrp0097p1-228 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2023

Secondary PREvention of Diabetes Type 1 with oral CALcitriol and analogs, the PRECAL study

T. Papadimitriou Dimitrios , Dermitzaki Eleni , Christopoulos Panagiotis , Papagianni Maria , Kleanthous Kleanthis , Papadimitriou Anastasios , Mastorakos George

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) hits about 1:300 with rising incidence affecting increasingly younger children. Population screening at ages 2-6yrs with T1D associated autoantibodies (T1Ab) has been recently proven sensitive. While potential treatments to prevent or delay T1D are currently in development, a population based cost-effective preventive strategy is still lacking. Hence, 2000IU cholecalciferol daily in a large birth cohort study published in 2001 reduced by 80% the risk of T...