hrp0082p1-d1-63 | Diabetes | ESPE2014

Th17 Cells in Children with New Onset Type 1 Diabetes

Piekarski Robert , Ben-Skowronek Iwona , Bojarska-Junak Agnieszka , Tabarkiewicz Jacek , Szewczyk Leszek

Background: A recent data indicates a complex mechanism of β-cell destruction in type 1 diabetes in which despite Th1/Th2 bias different other populations of immune cells like Th17 with specific IL17A secretion with proinflammatory action will mediate β cells autoreactivity. In humans, the relevance of Th17 cells in new onset T1DM is still controversial.Objective and hypotheses: The aim of our study was to evaluate circulating Th17 in children ...