hrp0082p3-d3-864 | Growth (4) | ESPE2014

The Establishment of a New Paediatric Endocrinology Training Programme in South Africa

de Villiers Francois

Background: During the 1980s there were no officially accredited training programmes for subspecialty training in South Africa. Accordingly, doctors with accreditation from other countries, or with extensive experience in the subspecialty, were recognised as subspecialists, based on peer review.Objective and hypotheses: The objective of this poster was to document the development of a new Paediatric Endocrinology programme in a previously disadvantaged m...

hrp0084p3-1248 | Programming & Misc. | ESPE2015

The Development of a Publication Presentation Workshop: Enhancing the Publication of African Paediatric Endocrinological Research

de Villiers Francois

Background: There is much activity in Africa in Paediatric Endocrinology. The international societies, ESPE, and ISPAD helped significantly in the development of paediatric endocrinology training. Considerable research is being done at the PETCA in Kenya, PETWCA in Lagos and elsewhere, but too few of the studies are published. Owing to the pressure of clinical work in Africa most endocrinologists have difficulty in completing their research.Objective and...