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Prevalence Metabolic Syndrome and Its Components Among Children with Obesity

Oleg Latyshev a , Elena Kiseleva a , Goar Okminyan a , Lubov Samsonova a & Irina Kolomina b

aRussian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow, Russia; bTyshinskaya Children City Hospital, Moscow, Russia

Background and aims: To study the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components (impaired fasting and after overload glucose, type 2 diabetes mellitus, low cholesterol HDL, and high triglycerides) in children with obesity.

Methods: This research includes 550 (65.8% boys) children, recruited from Pediatric Endocrinology Department, with abdominal obesity. We measured BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure with standard instrumentation and glucose (fasting and after overload with 1.75 g/kg glucose), cholesterol HDL, and triglycerides.

Results: The overall prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 33.1% (182 of 550). The patients were divided into two groups. In the first group, 182 patients (66.5% boys) were included with metabolic syndrome (IDF, 2007). In the group with metabolic syndrome, components of syndrome were diagnostic: impaired fasting and after overload glucose – 62.1% (111 of 182), type 2 diabetes mellitus – 1% (two of 182), hypertensive 83.0% (151 of 182), and dyslipidemia – 65.4% (119 of 182). Second group – 368 children without metabolic syndrome. In the second group, one component of metabolic syndrome was diagnostic in 41% (153 of 368): impaired fasting and after overload glucose – 14.1% (52 of 368), hypertensive 25.8% (95 of 368), and dyslipidemia – 1.6% (6 of 368).

Conclusion: Metabolic syndrome is formed in childhood, in children with obesity. In children with and without metabolic syndrome, the most frequent symptom is hypertensive. The most rare component in group with metabolic syndrome – impaired fasting and after overload glucose, type 2 diabetes mellitus; in group with obesity – dyslipidemia.

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