ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-3-3-725

Differences in Pubertal Development and Anthropometry Between Normal Population and Type 1 Diabetic Child at Debut in Spain

Ignacio Diez-Lopez, Ainhoa Sarasua-Miranda, Sonia Sanchez-Antonio & Isabel Lorente-Blazquez

Children’s Endocrinology Section, Pediatric Service, University Hospital of Alava, Vitoria/Basque Country, Spain

Background: The deterioration caused DMtipo1 anthropometric and pubertal development. With intensive treatment, improved HbA1c and less microvascular complications should be similar to normal population.

Objective: To study the pubertal development in our population with DM1 and final somatometric variables reached in relation to the normal population.

Material and methods: Retrospective study of DM1A debut from diagnosis to final height. Inclusion: Historical Unit Patients from 1973 to 2000 DMtipo1a. Exclusion: other DM, no final height or V. Tanner Studio and bilateral Student’ t-test Samples T IBM SPSS 18.0. Comparative longitudinal half somatometry Orbegozo 2004 (OL) to final height. Pubertal development Ferrandez 2002 (DPF).

Results: 82 cases initially selected (38/82 ♂ −46%). Average age debut 8.24aDS4.27 (0.3–15). 16.98 kg/m2 average BMI (−0.2 SDS) DS4.27, mean height of 132 cm. (+0.3 SDS) DS27.92. Tanner I.HbA1c debut DS2.37 11.11% (8–15.5), differences ♂ ♀ 10.79 vs 11.87 P: 0.032♂ target height of 171.5 cm. DS2.1 with normal population difference Δ −2.6 cm P 0.01 and ♀ 159.3 cm. SDS difference for OL 2.3 with Δ −2.5 cm P: 0.01. Evolutionary average 9.6 years follow DS2.8 with the high average age of 17.91 years SDS3.1. SDS1. 16 mean HbA1c 7.30% (5.8–9.6) along the track. No differences between sexes. To start T2 ♂ mean age 12.48 years, SD 1.2 (+0.8 years for PDF P: 0.02) and T5 14.60 years (like PDF). Final height reached 174.33, gain +2.8 cm. TD regarding size and equivalent to OL. 23.48 kg/m2 BMI (Z-score +0.51 SDS respect OL P: 0.001). To start T2 ♀ mean age 10.49 years, SD 1.1 (−0.2 years for PDF P: 0.45) and menarche at 13.31 years (+0.7 years for PDF P: 0.02). Final height reached 161.74, gain +2.5 cm. TD respect and respect OL +1.0 cm P: 0.010. BMI 23.59 kg/m2 (Z-score +0.85 SDS regarding OL P: 0.001).

Conclusions: DM1 children start puberty a little later, ending an age and final height equivalent to normal population, but there is more tendency to be overweight, perhaps influenced by insulin therapy. Girls enter telarquia a normal age but more than half year delay menarche, finishing in a normal size but with tendency to overweight.

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