ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-3-3-734

Offspring of Parents with Obesity, Complex Investigations Risk of Carbohydrate Disturbances and Diabetes

Renata Wasika, Maria Dziurab & Aleksander Basiaka

aMedical University, Wroclaw, Poland; bPublic Hospital, Lubin, Poland

Aim: To examine offspring of patients with simple obesity. To ascertain, if there are some disturbances in the carbohydrate or lipid metabolism or unknown type 2 diabetes in these subjects.

Method and subjects: Examined were 132 families, 108 families with obesity, and 24 families without obesity, the control group. 14 additional were excluded because of ascertained at the time of examination unknown type 2 diabetes in the parents. In all of the offspring and their parents performed were: weight, height, BMI, WHR HDL, TGD, LDL, glycaemia HbA1c, in the offspring additional HOMA. The control group included 30 healthy subjects with a negative anamnesis of obesity and/or diabetes in the family.

Results: Observed was overweight and obesity in a high percentage, increased BMI, WHR, significant differences in the level of HDL, TGD, LDL and HOMA between the examined and control group. Addicional introduced was HHR< HWRWMI< HJMI< Zot Zot4., ZL. In seven of the examined offspring ascertained was unknown type 2 diabetes, in eight morning hyperglicaemia, in five glukose intolerance.

Conclusion: i) In offspring of obese parents observed are obesity and disturbances in the carbohydrate, lipid metabolism and unknown diabetes. ii) in offspring of obese patients very important and necessary are repeated prophylactic investigations. iii) useful will be an education about the prevention of obesity and diabetes. For a better analysis of the obesity is in our opinion important the examination of height to hip ratio (HHR) and height to waist ratio (HWR).

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