ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-3-912

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In Different Method of the Evaluation of State of Feeling of Obese Children; Goodenough Harris ‘the Draw-a-person’ Test

Ayça Törel Ergür a , Gaye Aşık Kırdağ a & Seda Uçar b

aDepartment of Pediatric Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, KU, Kırıkkale, Turkey; bSection of Child Development, KU, Kırıkkale, Turkey

Objective: Psychosocial problems which the obesity caused is one of the most important reasons that impede success of treatment. Researches indicate that, majority of all obese children have depression. In this study, the effect of obesity on state feeling (cognitive functions and socioemotional adaptation) were investigated in a different special test. To this end obese and nonobese young patients were compared by a special test determines the ability of mind and concepts.

Materials and method: The study included 26 patients between the ages of 4–14 years. Organic obesity, chronic disease and medication history were excluded from the study. After received a detailed history and physical examination in all cases Goodenough Harris Draw a Man Test (GEH BIC) test was performed. Interpretation of the test was performed by the same specialist.

Results: 14 obese and nine nonobese patients mean ages were respectively 8.86±2 years and 9.86±0.89 years. According to GEH BIC Test, eight of 14 cases did not draw hand, and 11 cases of the obese patients did not draw finger.despite that, only five cases of the nonobese group drew less numbered fingers. Six of the obese cases drew little figures.

Conclusion: In obese group, tiny figure drawing and drawing figures without hand-finger, were significantly higher than in nonobese group. According to GEH BIC test, drawing figures without hand-finger is the sign of sense of guilt, and tiny figure drawing is also symbolize the lack of self-confidence. These data suggests that, obese child have intense feelings of guilt and lack of self-confidence.

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