ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P2-278

Childhood Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Management with e-learning through Self-educational Tools

Cécile Bibal, Anne Laure Castell, Brigitte Aboumrad, Philippe Lucchini & Pierre Bougnères

Pediatric Endocrinology, Bicêtre, France

Background: Children with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their parents need personalized i) information about the disease and glucose homeostasis and ii) knowledge and guidelines about diet and insulin therapy.

Objectives: To set a complete educational program that allows children with T1D to improve disease management and daily life.

Methods: Education modules were written and trained with children and parents at outpatient visits. Each module is a 10–20 slide Power Point presentation that can be read in 30 min maximum. Individual personalized work sessions were made of different modules depending on the appreciation of the diabetes team.

Patients: During the year 2015, 100 children (age 2–15 years) and families served as a randomly composed training group for the ‘Design’ phase of the educational program. They were asked to go through selected modules adapted to patient’s age, try to learn, answer questions, thereafter comment the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Results: The full program now includes 300 modules adapted to child and parents’ educational level. Learning modules have been tested and modified by the training group. Interactive modules now allow the testing of knowledge and of appropriateness of practical decisions regarding diabetes self-management.

Conclusion: Our program provides a solid basis for education of T1D children and their parents, which will be used on computers, tablets and smart phones.

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