ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P2-975

Beta Thallassemia: the Relation between Ferritin and Hypothyroisdism and the Suppressing Effect of Ferritin on Autoimmune Disorders (a Hypothesis)

Setila Dalili & Shahin Koohmanaee

Pediatric Growth Disorder Research Center, 17 Shahrivar Hospital, Shahid Siadati St, Rasht, Iran

Background: Thallassemia is a genetic disease with recessive autosomal pattern of inheritance which occurs as a result of disorders in hemoglobin structure clinicians assess endocrine function in patients with thallassemia in various intervals and distinguishing appropriate time for assessment can decrease the mentioned complications and promote their health, we aimed to investigate the prevalence of hypothyroidism and the relation between thyroid hormones and ferritin in patients with thallassemia major referred to 17 shahrivar hospital.

Method: This is an analytic cross-sectional study which was conducted on records of patients with thallassemia major aged less than 20 years. All records of patients referred to blood and oncology clinic of 17 shahrivar hospital during Jan 2012–Dec2013 were assessed. Data were gathered by a form including age, sex, weight, height, body mass index, the initiation time of blood transfusion, thyroid test results, and 3 consecutive hemoglobin and ferritin levels. Mean ferritin and hemoglobin levels were assessed.

Results: Results showed significant linear correlation between first and mean ferritin with TSH (P<0.05) but no significant correlation was noted between levels of ferritin with T4 levels.

Conclusion: It seems that further investigations may be necessary in patients especially with thallassemia and compare it with normal population.

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