ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-228

Children Born Small for Gestational Age: Catch-up Growth During the First Four Years of Life

Concepcion Freijo Martin, Laura Bertholt Zuber & Inmaculada Palenzuela Revuelta

University Hospital Marques de Valdecilla, Santander, Spain

Children born small for gestational age (SGA) have a weight and/or heighth less than −2SD from the mean, the realization of an adequate catch-up or not during the first years is important and the growth assessment is required.

Objective: Analyze Catch-up on Growth of 52 SGA children during the first 4 years of life, compared 23 children who performed it properly (AC) with 19 who did not recover (NAC).

Methods: Retrospective study of SGA children with appropriate cath-up (height SD above −2.5) 23 children comparing with not cath-up (height SD below −2.5) 18 children, it was analyzed, sex, preterm children, age of the mother, height of the mother, presence of maternal pathology, SD weight and height at birth and 1-2-4 years and diagnosis at birth. Statistical analysis SPSS v.24.

Results: Compared both groups, mean age of mother in AC 32.64±3.9 y NAC 32.06±5.5years, height of mother AC 156.74±5.3 cm and NAC 153.3±5.3 cm, in relation to sex 63% AC males versus NAC 37% while NAC 61.5% females versus AC 38.5%, preterm children 26%(6) AC were 100% males versus 28%(5) NAC were 60/40% females/males, placental pathology 66.7% NAC versus 33.3% AC and unknown etiology 64% AC versus 36% NAC, evolution of weight and height from birth to 4 years in SD (Table 1) where a clear improvement is observed at 4 years in AC while in NAC did not improve their growth at any point in the follow-up. The diagnosis in SGA was in relation to the height AC/NAC 72% versus 27.8%, SGA weight 60% versus 40% and SGA height and weight 35.3% versus 64.7%.

Table 1
SD weight birth AC/NACSD height birth AC/NACSD weight 12 months AC/NACSD height 12 months AC/NACSD weight 2 years AC/NACSD height 2 years AC/NACSD weight 4 years AC/NACSD height 4 years AC/NAC
−1.78±0.6 −2.11±0.7−2.44±0.6 −2.76±0.7−1.98±0.6 −2.49±0.6−2.22±0.8 −3.16±0.8 −1.9±0.5 −2.56±0.5−2.34±0.6 −3.42±0.6−1.42±0.3 −2.24±0.4−1.99±0.3 −3.33±0.5

Conclusions: SGA children, especially females, born to mothers with short stature, placental pathology and height less than −2.5SD will not be able to recover and will require follow-up and treatment with GH to evolve satisfactorily.

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