ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-255

Factors Affecting Height Velocity in Normal Prepubertal Children

Seul Ki Kim, Yujung Choi, Seonhwa Lee, Jun Hui Lee, Moon Bae Ahn, Shin Hee Kim, Won Kyung Cho, Kyung Soon Cho, Min Ho Jung & Byung Kyu Suh

Department of Pediactrics, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Purpose: To analyze the effects of clinical and laboratory factors, including insulin-like growth factor (IGF) levels, on the height velocity of normal prepubertal children.

Methods: Ninety-five healthy prepubertal children (33 boys, 62 girls) were enrolled. The mean chronological age of the participants was 6.3±1.4 years, with a height standard deviation score (SDS) of −0.88±0.70. IGF-1, IGF binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), SDS for anthropometric measurements, and changes in SDS for anthropometric measurements were analyzed for one year, and their associations with one-year height velocity were investigated.

Results: The group of children with a one-year height velocity of ≥6 cm were chronologically younger than the group with a one-year height velocity of <6 cm (5.9±1.3 vs 6.7±1.3 years, P=0.004), with a lesser increase of SDS for body mass index (BMI) over one year (−0.18±0.68 vs 0.13±0.53, P=0.014). There were no differences between the two groups in IGF-1 SDS and IGFBP-3 SDS. Multiple linear regression showed that baseline chronological age (r=0.243, P=0.026) and height SDS (r=0.236, P=0.030) were positively associated with IGF-1 SDS. Binomial logistic regression showed that an increase in chronological age (odds ratio (OR), 0.68; 95% CI, 0.47–0.99) and an increase of BMI SDS over one year (OR, 0.41; 95% CI, 0.18–0.89) were associated with a decreased growth possibility of an above-average height velocity (≥6 cm/year).

Conclusion: Height velocity of normal prepubertal children is affected by an increase of BMI SDS and chronological age. Prepubertal IGF-1 SDS reflects height SDS at the time of measurement but is not associated with subsequent height velocity.

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