ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-317

The Characteristics of Central Precocious Puberty at Children's Hospital 2 in Vietnam

Quynh Huynh Thi Vu, An Pham Le, Hong Nguyen Thi Minh & Tru Vu Huy

Univerisity of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Objectives: To describe the characteristics of central precocious puberty in patients at Children’s Hospital 2, Vietnam from 1/2010 to 12/2016.

Method: Cross – sectional analysis.

Results: There were 504 cases of central precocious puberty. The mean age was 7.6±1.4 years old; most of them were females (females/males: 71/1). The rate of overweight or obesity was 52.4%, accelerated height was recorded in 64.2%. The most common symptoms were breast enlargement in females (100%) and pubic hair in males (100%). The difference between bone age and chronological bone was 2.3 (1.5–3.1) years. Mean basal LH was 0.9 (0.3–2.2) IU/L. After aGnRH stimulation test, peak LH was 17.7 (9.4–35. 5) UI/L, LH reached maximum level at 60 minutes. The basal estradiol concentration at pubertal level was in 65.7% cases. The causes of CPP were idiopathic (87.7%) and hypothalamus-pituitary lesions (12.3%).

Conclusions: Precocious puberty was more common in female. Patients were usually overweight or obesity. Most common symptoms were breast enlargement in females and pubic hair in males. Most of cases were idiopathic, 15.7% caused of hypothalamus-pituitary lesions.

Keywords: precocious puberty, central, causes.

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