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59th Annual ESPE (ESPE 2021 Online)

22 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021

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The 59th ESPE Annual Meeting will now be held online in September 2021.

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Pituitary A

hrp0094p1-81 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Sporadic pituitary adenomas in young patients: clinical and molecular description

de LaPiscina Idoia Martinez , Portillo Nancy , Rica Itxaso , Gaztambide Sonia , Castano Luis ,

Introduction: Pituitary adenomas (PA) in pediatric and young patients comprise a rare pathology of unknown prevalence. The majority are sporadic, but 5% occur in a familial setting, either as isolated (FIPA) or as part of a syndrome. The identification of genetic alterations has broaden the scope of molecular investigations. We describe the clinical characteristics of patients with sporadic PA arising before the age of 35 years and perform thorough genetic scr...

hrp0094p1-82 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Cardiac remodeling in patients with childhood-onset craniopharyngioma – Results of HIT-Endo and KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2000/2007

Sowithayasakul Panjarat , Buschmann Leona Katharin , Boekhoff Svenja , Muller Hermann L. ,

Background: Hypothalamic obesity caused by childhood–onset craniopharyngioma results in long–term cardiovascular morbidity. Knowledge about clinical markers and risk factors for cardiovascular morbidity is scarce.Patients and Methods: A cross–sectional study on transthoracic echocardiographic parameters was performed to determine the associations with clinical and anthropometric parameters in 36 craniopharyngioma patients....

hrp0094p1-83 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Pregnancies after childhood craniopharyngioma – Results of Kraniopharyngeom 2000/2007

Sowithayasakul Panjarat , Boekhoff Svenja , Bison Brigitte , Otte Anna , Muller Hermann L. ,

Background: Data on female fertility, pregnancy, and outcome of offspring after childhood-onset craniopharyngioma (CP) are rare.Study design: Observational study on pregnancy rate and outcome of offspring after CP in postpubertal, female patients recruited in KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2000/2007 since 2000.Results: 451 CP patients (223 female) have been recruited. 269 CP patients (133 female) were postpubert...

hrp0094p1-84 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Pituitary Duplication – A rare and heterogenous spectrum

Goff Nicole , Murphy Nuala , Schwitzgebel Valerie , Castets Sarah , Katugampola Harshini , Stojanovic Marko , Petakov Milan , Gevers Evelien , Dattani Mehul ,

Background: Pituitary gland duplication is a very rare developmental abnormality. It is often associated with other midline anomalies including cleft palate, spinal cord and corpus callosum defects, termed duplication of the pituitary gland-plus syndrome. Of the only 40 cases reported in the literature, most are in females and are often associated with precocious puberty. Duplication of the pituitary gland may arise from blastogenesis defects, with splitting o...

hrp0094p1-85 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Auxological and endocrine aspects in pediatric patients with type 1 Narcolepsy. Results of long-term follow-up in a pediatric endocrinology center

Assirelli Valentina , Casale Sara , Pizza Fabio , Baronio Federico , Donato Giulio Di , Candela Egidio , Balsamo Antonio , Plazzi Giuseppe , Cassio Alessandra ,

Introduction: Type 1 Narcolepsy is a rare pediatric condition characterized by central hypersomnia secondary to hypocretin deficiency. It can also involve the neuroendocrine axis, in particular determining obesity and central precocious puberty (CPP).Objectives: The primary aim of this study is the evaluation of endocrine and auxological aspects at diagnosis and during follow-up in children affected with T1N, in treatmen...

hrp0094p1-86 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Adding a protease inhibitor to sampling tubes increases the acylated ghrelin and decreases the desacylated ghrelin levels in girls.

Rodanaki Maria , Rask Eva , Lodefalk Maria ,

Introduction: Ghrelin is a growth hormone-releasing acylated peptide stimulating the appetite, mainly produced in the stomach, and with an important role in pubertal development (1). Two ghrelin forms have been described, acylated (AG) and desacylated (DAG), but it is debated whether DAG is an active hormone or a degradation product of AG (2). Our aim was to evaluate the effects of adding the protease inhibitor 4-(2-aminoethyl) benzenesufonyl fluoride hydrochl...

hrp0094p1-87 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

GHSR protects the emergence of limited sex differences in anxiety-related behaviors in adult mice after long term THC administration during peri-adolescence

Sestan-Pesa Matija , Shanabrough Marya , Horvath Tamas L. , Consolata Miletta Maria ,

As marijuana use during adolescence has been increasing, the need to understand the effects of its long-term use becomes crucial. Previous research suggested that marijuana consumption during adolescence increases the risk of developing mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. Ghrelin is a peptide produced primarily in the gut and is important for feeding behavior. Ghrelin and its receptor, the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR) play important...

hrp0094p1-88 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Pituitary microadenomas in childhood – is follow-up with diagnostic imaging necessary?

Borghammar Camilla , Tamaddon Askan , Erfurth Eva-Marie , Sundgren Pic C , Siesjo Peter , Nilsson Margareta , Elfving Maria ,

Aim: We aimed to investigate the growth potential of pituitary microadenomas and cystic lesions < 10mm in children, and to evaluate how reproducible the measurements were on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).Design: Retrospective observational study.Methods: 74 children were included < 18 years at first pituitary MRI, and diagnosed with a microadenoma (microadenoma producing ACTH, GH or TSH ...

hrp0094p1-89 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

The Pituitary Tumour Module: Developing a Condition Specific Module within the European Registries for Rare Endocrine Conditions (EuRRECa)

Priego Zurita Ana Luisa , Appelman-Dijkstra Natasha , Biermasz Nienke , Bryce Jillian , Burman Pia , Castano Luis , Dattani Mehul T. , Dekkers Olaf M. , Gan Hoong-Wei , Gaztambide Sonia , Katugampola Harshini , Lasolle Helene , Muller Hermann L. , Raverot Gerald , Rica Itxaso , van Beuzekom Charlotte N. , Vries Friso de , Najafabadi Amir H. Zamanipoor , Ahmed S. Faisal , Pereira Alberto M. ,

Introduction: The European Registries for Rare Endocrine Conditions (EuRRECa) project aims to support the needs of the endocrine and bone community by facilitating the collaboration between patients, health care professionals and researchers across Europe and beyond. It is a project funded by the European Union’s health programme and is the affiliated registry of the European Reference Network for Rare Endocrine Conditions (Endo-ERN). It consists of two r...

hrp0094p1-90 | Pituitary A | ESPE2021

Craniopharyngiomas presenting as incidentalomas: results of KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2007

Boekhoff Svenja , Bison Brigitte , Eveslage Maria , Sowithayasakul Panjarat , Muller Hermann L. ,

Purpose: Childhood-onset craniopharyngiomas (CP) are diagnosed due to clinical symptoms (symCP) or incidentally (incCP). We investigated clinical manifestations and outcome in incCPs and symCPs.Methods: IncCP were discovered in 4 (3m/1f) and symCP in 214 (101m/113f) CP recruited 2007–2014 in KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2007. Age, sex, height, body mass index (BMI), tumor volume, degree of resection, pre- and postsurgical hypothalamic involveme...