hrp0097p1-257 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2023

Risk Factors for becoming adult with obesity in survivors of childhoodcancer

Delacourt Laurene , Allodji Rodrigue , Chappat Juliette , Haddy Nadia , El-Fayech Chiraz , Demoor-Goldschmidt Charlotte , Journy Neige , Bolle Stephanie , Thomas-Teinturier Cécile , Zidane Monia , Rubino Carole , Veres Cristina , Vu-Bezin Giao , Berchery Delphine , Pluchart Claire , Bondiau Pierre-Yves , Dumas Agnès , Bougas Nicolas , Grill Jacques , Dufour Christelle , Fresneau Brice , Pacquement Helene , Diallo Ibrahima , Doz François , De Vathaire Florent

Purpose: The aim of this study was to identify risk factors for adult obesity in childhood solid cancer or lymphoma survivors (CCS).Patients and Methods: The study included 3199 patients of the French Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Cohort (FCCS) with 303 obese patients who had returned self-questionnaire. Analyses were adjusted on social deprivation index and sex.Results: CCS bein...