hrp0097p1-77 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2023

Association between Steroid Therapy and Lipid Profiles in Children with Chronic Disease

Mayasari Lubis Siska , Deliana Melda

Background: Steroid is a standard treatment for several chronic diseases in children, such as autoimmune or rheumatology disease. However, despite its benefit, steroids have many side effects, including dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia in childhood increases the risk of atherosclerosis development that can progress into cardiovascular disease. Dyslipidemia is diagnosed using the lipid profile of the patient. The aim of this study was to determine the association bet...

hrp0097p1-244 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2023

Knowledge of healthcare practitioners before and after paediatric T1DM diagnosis and management training

B. Pulungan Aman , Faizi Muhammad , Amalia Gassani , Septira Salsabila , Vathania Nabila , Fadiana Ghaisani , Citra Ismail Ismi , Sugih Arto Karina , Mayasari Lubis Siska , Deliana Melda , Dewi Saraswati , Nuri Ahmad

Background: An underestimated figure of 1,249 children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) was diagnosed in Indonesia from 2017 to 2019. In 2021, there were around 0.05 paediatricians per 1,000 children in Indonesia. Only 1.2% (n=54) were pediatric endocrinologists practising in 17 out of 38 provinces populating urban areas in Indonesia. Therefore, Changing Diabetes in Children (CDiC) Indonesia, a public-private partnership, has delivered training fo...