hrp0092lb-5 | Late Breaking Posters | ESPE2019

Height Curves and Height SDS in ADHD Children Measured Before and After Stimulant Treatment are not Affected - Observation Study in 7172 ADHD Children

Carmi Doron , Gabbay Uri , Mimouni-Bloch Aviva , Goldstein BatEl , Keinan-Boker Lital , Bloch Stav , Meyerovitch Joseph Meyerovitch

Background: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common pediatric disorder with ongoing debate in the literature about its association with growth impairment. Most studies have focused on stimulants treatment effect while others suggested direct effect of ADHD. The present study compared height growth of ADHD children each measured before and after stimulant treatment.Methods: We conducted historical pros...

hrp0086fc11.5 | Thyroid | ESPE2016

Pediatric Reference Values of Thyrotropin (TSH) should be Personalized According to Child Characteristics

Meyerovitch Joseph , Feldhamer Ilan , Manor Mira , Oron Tal

Background: Primary care pediatricians (PCPs) use thyroid function tests (TFT) as screening tests in children and adolescents with various health complaints. Thus, it is crucial to evaluate the results according to appropriate cut-offs individualized to the child characteristics. Such references values, which are missing in the pediatric age group, are needed for proper evaluation of the thyroid functions.Objective and hypotheses: To determine normal TSH...

hrp0082p1-d3-225 | Reproduction (2) | ESPE2014

Treated and Untreated Women with Idiopathic Precocious Puberty: Long-Term General Health Status and Metabolic Outcome Between third and fifth decades

Meyerovitch Joseph , Lebenthal Yael , Antebi Felice , Shalitin Shlomit , de Vries Liat , Phillip Moshe , Lazar Liora

Context: Central precocious puberty (CPP), treated or untreated, may have clinical implications in adulthood.Objective: To assess the general health status and metabolic outcome of former CPP women between the third and fifth decades of life.Design: Case–control study of an historical cohort using the computerized database of a health management organization.Participants: Study group – 148 CPP women...

hrp0084p2-259 | Diabetes | ESPE2015

Predictors of Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes (CFRD) in Patients with cf and Pancreatic Insufficiency

Meyerovitch Joseph , Berkowiz Rony Be'eri , Mei-Zahav Meir , Blau Hannah , Mussaffi-Georgy Huda

Background: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common genetic sever disease in Caucasian populations. It is crucial to identify patients with CF who are at increased risk of acquiring CF-related diabetes (CFRD).Objective: To identify potential demographic, clinical, and laboratory predictors of CFRD in patients with CF.Method: The study group included patients more than 10 years of age with CF and pancreatic insufficiency who attende...

hrp0084p3-837 | Fat | ESPE2015

Comparison of Two Family-Intervention (Parents Only vs Parent and Child) in the Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Meyerovitch Joseph , Yackobovitch-Gavan Michal , Wolf Dafna , Phillip Moshe , Shalitin Shlomit

Background: Obesity in adolescence is associated with a 70% likelihood of obesity or overweight in adulthood. Hence, effective intervention programs for childhood obesity in high-risk populations are needed.Objectives: i) To compare the efficacy of two intervention strategies, involving parents only vs parent and child, to a control group, in the treatment of childhood obesity. ii) To identify clinical demographical and biochemical predictors for decreas...

hrp0095p1-277 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2022

The effect of obesity and nutritional intervention on depression levels and cognitive functions in adolescent girls, a randomized-controlled interventional study

Yalin Ofri , Fisch-Shvalb Naama , Yackobovitch-Gavan Michal , Bello Rachel , Demol Eliaz Sharon , Phillip Moshe , Meyerovitch Joseph

Background: Over the last thirty years, the incidence of adolescent obesity has quadrupled. While the physical risks of adolescent obesity have been well researched, there has been little research on its impact on mental health status and cognitive abilities. In the present study, we intend to examine whether nutritional intervention and weight loss affect executive functions and levels of depression of adolescent girls with overweight/obesity (OW/OB).<p c...