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Evaluation of Renal Functions in Obese Children and Adolescents with Cystatin-C and Creatinin Based GFR: is Increasing GFR Reflected Hyperfiltration and Possible Renal Damage in Future?

Salman Dilsah Onerli , Siklar Zeynep , Ilarslan Nisa Eda Cullas , Kocaay Pinar , Ozcakar Birsin , Berberoglu Merih

Introduction: There is a growing interest in the relationship between obesity and renal damage. Chronic kidney disease is accepted as an important complication of obesity in adulthood. However, information on association between childhood obesity and renal functions is limited. In this study, It is aimed to investigate the renal functions in obese children and adolescents.Patients and methods: We enrolled 107 obese children and adolescents as a study gro...

hrp0089p2-p152 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2018

Does Late Sleeping Time Results Increased Bedtime Snack? What is the Risk of this in Childhood Obesity?

Yılmaz Mehmet Mustafa , Gunay Fatih , İlarslan Nisa Eda Cullas , Yılmaz Ozlem , Ateş Funda Seher Ozalp , Kose Serdal Kenan , Atalay Semra , Bilir Pelin

Objective: Several studies have shown that sleep plays an important role as a modulator of metabolic homeostasis. Indeed, hundreds of studies have been published to examine the relationship between insufficient sleep, late bedtime and obesity. We have studied bedtime snack as another parameter. We suggested that it may be a risk factor for obesity. When we looked at the literature, we could not find any study about bedtime snack in childhood, but there are a few studies in adu...

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Relation of Screen-Time (Phone-Computer-TV-Online Games) and Physical Activity with Childhood Obesity

Yılmaz Mehmet Mustafa , İlarslan Nisa Eda Cullas , Gunay Fatih , Yılmaz Ozlem , Ates Funda Seher Ozalp , Kose Serdal Kenan , Atalay Semra , Bilir Pelin

Objective: Sedentary lifestyle obviously increases the risk of obesity. Reduced physical activity and increased screen-time seem to act as major determinants of the rapid increase of childhood obesity. Prevention of obesity is easier and more practical in comparison with treatment of obesity and its complications. Treatment of childhood obesity not only carries positive biopsychosocial consequences for the child but also serves as an important public health issue by preventing...