hrp0097fc9.1 | Diabetes and insulin 2 | ESPE2023

Reference values for the insulin response to glucose challenge enable the early detection of emerging (pre)diabetes in children and young adults with obesity

Stein Robert , Vogel Mandy , Stanik Juraj , Kratzsch Jürgen , Stumvoll Michael , Blüher Matthias , Kiess Wieland , Körner Antje

Background: The course of type 2 diabetes is more severe among children with obesity than among adults. Therefore, children at high risk for glycemic deterioration should be detected early enough to guide preventive (and interventional) clinical management.Methods: We established age- and puberty-specific reference values for 7 different indexes addressing the insulin response during oral glucose tolerance testing upon 4...

hrp0084p2-382 | Fat | ESPE2015

Insulin-Like Factor 5 –A Novel Orexigenic Hormone in Humans is Dysregulated in Obesity

Wagner Isabel V , Flehmig Gesine , Scheuermann Kathrin , Loffler Dennis , Korner Antje , Kiess Wieland , Stumvoll Michael , Dietrich Arne , Blueher Matthias , Kloting Nora , Soder Olle , Svechnikov Konstantin

Background: Insulin-like factor 5 (INSL5), a member of the insulin superfamily, is expressed in the colorectum and hypothalamus. INSL5 levels are elevated by prolonged calorie restriction and declined with feeding, suggesting that it might be an orexigenic hormone.Objectives and hypotheses: Our aim was to explore the relationship between INSL5 and different metabolic parameters in lean and obese subjects and to identify possible links between INSL5 and t...

hrp0095rfc4.6 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2022

European Consortium of Lipodystrophies Registry, 2022

von Schnurbein Julia , Gambinieri Alessandra , Fernández-Pombo Antia , Akinci Baris , Vatier Camille , Cecchetti Carolina , Adiyaman Cem , Vigoroux Corrine , Araujo-Vilar David , Savage David , Gilio Donatella , Bismuth Elise , Sorkina Ekaterina , Vorona Elena , Santos Silva Ermelinda , Nobecourt Estelle , Csajbok Eva , Santini Ferrucio , Prodam Flavia , Nagel Gabriele , Aimaretti Gianluca , Latanzi Giovanna , Ceccarini Giovanni , Novelli Giuseppe , Yildirim Simsir Ilgin , Jeru Isabelle , Štotl Iztok , Carel Jean-Claude , Writzl Karin , Heldt Katrin , Miehle Konstanze , Kleinendorst Lotte , D’Apice Maria-Rosaria , Beghini Mariana , Vantyghem Marie-Christine , Broekema Marjoleine , Faßhauer Mathias , Stumvoll Michael , Sbraccia Paolo , Ozen Samim , Magno Silvia , Scherer Thomas , Daffara Thomaso , Pekkolay Zafer , Wabitsch Martin

Background: Lipodystrophy syndromes comprise a large group of extremely rare diseases characterized by loss or dysfunction of adipose tissue. Due to their extreme rarity and variability, research in the field of lipodystrophy is difficult for single centres warranting larger co-operations.Methods: Therefore, the European Consortium of Lipodystrophies decided to found an international registry in 2016. This registry is ba...