ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-114

ESPE2018 Poster Presentations Diabetes & Insulin P3 (60 abstracts)

Metformin Therapy Ina Lean Adolescent Girl with Prediabetes Dysglycemia Treated: Good Response

Nada AlAaraj , Amene Hermi , Noor Hamed , Shaymaa Ahmed & Ashraf Soliman

Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Background: Metformin (dimethylbiguanide) is the most widely prescribed treatment for children with T2DM. Long term controlled studies are still required to assess its effect on prediabetes dysglycemia in children

Case presentation: A 13-year-old lean adolescent girl presented to PEC with a day history of difficult breathing associated with dry cough. No history of fever, abdominal pain, vomiting or change in bowel motion. She had a 10 months’ history of excessive water drinking and polyuria and mild weight loss. She had a family history of bronchial asthma and T2DM (both parents’ families). Examination revealed: RR=34/min, HR=123b/min, BP 130/80 mmHg, BMI 20 kg/m2. She did not have acanthosis nigricans or goiter. The diagnosis of atypical pneumonia was entertained and treated. Lab showed hyperglycemia, BG=16.2 mmol/L, PH=7.35, HCO3=19.7 mmol/L. Repeated lab revealed: Blood glucose (BG) 28.5 mmol/L, PH 7.19, HCO3=11 mmol/L and PCO2=28.7 mmol/L. She was started on insulin infusion therapy and IV Fluid therapy as per DKA protocol. Further labs showed HbA1C=5.7%, plasma insulin=239 uU/mL (High), C-peptide=14.68 ng/mL (High). Acidosis and glycemia was corrected in 12 hours. Follow up of her BG readings for 3 days, without insulin therapy, were: (Before breakfast =(5.1–6.1 mmol/L), before lunch (5.2–7.2 mmol/L) and before dinner (5.5–8.9 mmol/L). SBGM showed postprandial hyperglycemia (7.7–9.4 mmol/L). OGTT (using 75 g Dextrose) showed fasting BG=5.4 mmol/L, and 2hrs BG=7.9 mmol/L with fasting insulin level=15.2mU/mL. HOMA-IR was 3.7. Anti-GAD antibodies were undetectable. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGMS) tracing showed glucose peaks up to 11.7 mmol/L 1hour after meals. 18% of the time her glucose was > 7.8 mmol/L and 82% between 3.9–7.8 mmol/L. Metformin 500mg BID was prescribed with lunch and dinner. The table shows the average (mean) of her BG (mg/dl) readings by glucometer before versus after Metformin therapy.The mean BG readings decreased by a mean of =1.1 mmol/L (20 mg/dl) after Metformin therapy.

Table 1
Mean BGFastingB- lunchA- 2 h*B- dinnerA- 2 h
Before Metformin5.
After Metformin4.
*After Metformin 500 mg dose. B= before, A- = after.

Conclusion: Metformin successfully corrected dysglycemia in a lean adolescents with prediabetes.

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