hrp0097p1-231 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2023

Children with Type 1 Diabetes and Obesity show biochemical changes associated with insulin resistance

Hayes Eadaoin , Cody Declan , E Hogan Andrew

Children with Type 1 diabetes are experiencing higher levels of overweight and obesity as a consequence of intensive insulin therapy as well as background socioeconomic and environmental factors that are contributing to excess adiposity in the general population. The consequences of obesity in people with type 1 diabetes are of particular concern, as obesity in adults increases the risk of both diabetes-related and obesity-related complications, including cardiovascular diseas...

hrp0082p2-d2-601 | Thyroid (1) | ESPE2014

Long Term Anti-Thyroid Drug Therapy in a Paediatric Population with Down Syndrome: an Irish Experience

Johnston Niall , Mavinkurve Meenal , Murphy Nuala , Moloney Sinead , Costigan Colm , Cody Declan

Background: Ireland has the highest prevalence of Down syndrome (DS) in Europe, affecting ~1 in 500 live births. Patients with DS are at increased risk of developing thyroid disorders during childhood. Hyperthyroidism can be difficult to recognise and treat in this population. First-line therapy with anti-thyroid drugs (ATDs) may help achieve remission, but relapse is common following discontinuation of medication. Definitive treatment with radio ablation or surgery is often c...

hrp0082p3-d1-977 | Thyroid | ESPE2014

Neonatal Thyrotoxicosis in Maternal Grave’s Disease: a Case Series and Review of the Literature

Johnston Niall , Mavinjurve Meenal , Murphy Nuala , McDonnell Ciara , Moloney Sinead , Cody Declan , Costigan Colm

Background: Neonatal thyrotoxicosis, a rare and life-threatening condition, is caused by transplacental transfer of thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins from mother to infant. While clinical features may include goitre, prominent eyes and poor weight gain, these may be absent in some cases. Early diagnosis and treatment of affected infants is critical.Objective: We report a case series of infants with neonatal thyrotoxicosis from two tertiary paediatric h...

hrp0082p1-d2-211 | Reproduction (1) | ESPE2014

The Incidence of Childhood Gonadoblastoma Over 15 Years in the Republic of Ireland

O'Connell Susan M , Lynch Sally-Ann , Coyle David , McDermott Michael , O'Sullivan Maureen , Roche Edna , Quinn Feargal , Cody Declan

Background: Gonadoblastoma is a rare tumour of the gonads presenting in childhood or adolescence. It is a lesion composed of a mixture of germ cells at different stages of maturation, with low malignant potential. It is associated with disorders of sex development (DSD), most commonly Turner mosaic syndrome with Y chromosome material (TMSY), and 46XY gonadal dysgenesis (GD). Little is known about the natural history and incidence of this rare tumour.Obje...