hrp0089p3-p197 | GH & IGFs P3 | ESPE2018

Adherence and Long-term Outcomes of Therapy in Pediatric Subjects in Greece Using Easypod™ Electromechanical Device for Growth Hormone Treatment: The Phase IV Multicentre Easypod™ Connect Observational Study (ECOS)

Charmandari Evangelia , Michalakos Stefanos , Sakellariou Dimitris , Koledova Ekaterina , Chrousos George

The Easypod™ Connect Observational Study (ECOS) was the first global study of easypod™, currently the only electronic injection device for recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGH; Saizen®). ECOS reported accurate and robust real-time adherence data in a large cohort of patients. In this analysis, we assess the adherence of r-hGH administered via easypod™ in a cohort of Greek patients from ECOS (EMR200104-520, NCT01363674). Patients aged 2–18...

hrp0092p3-102 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

Obesity and Insulin Resistance: Differences Between Pubertal and Prepubertal Children

Dikaiakou Eirini , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis-Athina , Athanasouli Fani , Stergiotis Stefanos , Kafetzi Maria , Fotinou Aspasia , Michalakos Stefanos

Introduction: The presence of insulin resistance in obese children is strongly related to severity of obesity. Furthermore, insulin resistance is exacerbated during puberty, mainly due to increased sex steroids and growth hormone secretion.Objective: To compare obesity and insulin resistance indicators between pre-adolescent and adolescent children.Methods: 54 pre-adolescent and 41...

hrp0086p2-p423 | Gonads & DSD P2 | ESPE2016

Sisters with 46XY Gonadal Dysgenesis and Gonadoblastoma

Petychaki Foteini , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Dikaiakou Eirini , Mpaka Margarita , Kitsiou-Tzeli Sofia , Mavrou Ariadni , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: 46XY DSD with female phenotype is classified as complete gonadal dysgenesis (46XY CGD) if a uterus is present or a disorder of androgen synthesis or action if a uterus is absent. The genetic causes of 46XY CGD are not fully clarified. Less than 15% of the cases were found to carry mutations of the sex determining region Y gene (SRY).Purpose: The description of the rare case of two sisters affected of 46XY CPD and gonadoblastoma with SRY mutat...

hrp0086p2-p942 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

Euthyroid Hashimoto Thyroiditis in Children: Evolution Over Time

Karachaliou Feneli , Kafetzi Maria , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Thomas Dimitris , Kaloumenou Irene , Fotinou Aspasia , Karavanaki Kyriaki , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: The natural evolution of euthyroid Hashimoto thyroiditis (HT) varies among children and treatment in children with HT and normal/mild elevated serum TSH is controversial.Objective and hypotheses: The aim was to study the natural course of HT in children and evaluate predictive factors of thyroid functionMethod: We evaluated data from 87 children retrospectively (63 girls, 24 boys), mean age 10.6±3.2yrs, with HT [an...

hrp0086p2-p960 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

FNA: A Gold Standard in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules in Children after Chemotherapy

Leka-Emiri Sofia , Petychaki Fotini , Petrou Vassilis , Vakaki Marina , Pourtsidis Apostolos , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpida , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: Non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is the fourth most common malignancy in childhood. Chemotherapy constitutes the first line treatment and may cause several endocrine side effects (growth retardation, hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism, bone mass loss and rarely secondary malignancy). In total of 1–2% of children may harbour thyroid nodules. The most common risk factors are: irradiation, female sex, iodine deficiency, puberty and past medical history of thyroid disease....

hrp0086p2-p969 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

An Unusual Presentation of Hashimoto Thyroiditis (HT) and Precocious Puberty: The Van Wyk-Grumbach Syndrome

Leka-Emiri Sofia , Karachaliou Feneli , Fotinou Aspasia , Petrou Vassilis , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: The association of primary hypothyroidism and isosexual precocious pseudopuberty in females was first described in 1960 by Van Wyk and Grumbach. The unique elements that lead to the diagnosis are FSH-dominated sexual precocity with non advanced bone age in the presence of hypothyroidism.Objective and methods: Describe an 8.5 years old girl with hypothyroidism due to HT and clinical and hormonal features of Van-Wyk and Grumbach syndrome.<p...

hrp0082p2-d2-339 | Diabetes (1) | ESPE2014

Direct Costs of Diabetes Care in Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes in Greece

Karachaliou Feneli , Athanasakis Konstantinos , Tsendidis Charalabos , Kitra Maria , Michalakos Stefanos , Karavanaki Kyriaki

Background: Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) is a chronic disease with increasing incidence and major impact on the health care costs.Objective and hypotheses: To estimate the direct cost of pediatric T1DM in the Greek National Health System (NHS) and its distribution by service category.Method: This is a retrospective cost-of-illness study, focusing on the direct costs from the healthcare system’s point of view. All patients aged 0&#15...

hrp0082p2-d2-422 | Growth Hormone (1) | ESPE2014

Perceptions and Expectations of Patients and their Families for the Effects of GH Treatment

Drosatou Chrysoula , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis-Athina , Karachaliou Feneli , Petrou Vassileios , Kaloumenou Eirini , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: Children’s and parents’ expectations regarding GH therapy results have been previously assessed. However, there are limited data on children’s and adolescents perceptions of their own body size as compared with that of their age-related peers, as well as their expectations of their final stature.Objective and hypotheses: To evaluate the perceptions of GH treated children and their families for the child’s stature and to as...

hrp0082p3-d1-818 | Growth | ESPE2014

Assessment of Compliance with GH Therapy

Drosatou Chrysoula , Karachaliou Feneli , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis-Ahina , Petrou Vassileios , Kaloumenou Eirini , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: Treatment compliance is one of the most important practical aspects in long-term treatments such as GH therapy.Objective and hypotheses: To evaluate the level of compliance and its association with duration of treatment and other demographic factors.Method: A prospective study with the use of validated questionnaires was conducted in the Endocrinology Department of one of the two main Pediatric Hospitals in Athens. The ...

hrp0084p3-934 | GH &amp; IGF | ESPE2015

Psychosocial Functioning and Self-Perception of Children and Adolescents Treated with GH

Drosatou Chrysoula , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis-Athina , Karachaliou Feneli , Prodromidis Apostolos , Michalakos Stefanos , Tsoumakas Konstantinos

Background: Coping with a chronic medical condition requiring prolonged treatment may have an effect on psychological adaptation and self-esteem of patients.Objective and hypotheses: To identify key factors that influence self-perception and well-being in children and adolescents on GH therapy.Method: A prospective study with the use of validated questionnaires SPP (the Greek version). The patient cohort included 272 Greek children...